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Holiday fun at indoor playground : Playtopia

When I think about the library it’s the most desirable place with that exact necessary silence, numerous wonderful books, cozy and comfortable chairs. And let me be specific, I get that perfect ME time in the library, away from kids. Generally, for visiting the library, I have to leave both […]


Lagira Zala Ji: A Perfect Family Entertainer

Monday afternoons are specially reserved for phone calls with my mother so that we could discuss everything from the past week in detail. On one such call a few months ago, my mom had suggested me to watch a popular family drama Lagira Zala Ji on Zee Marathi. It’s already […]


Fun ways to teach counting to preschool kids

How did you teach counting to your children? or what’s the right age to start teaching counting? These are commonly asked questions by moms of preschoolers. There might be many different answers to this question. But if you have a preschooler and looking to start teaching counting to him/her then […]

winter skincare

5 Important tips for winter skincare

A pleasant cool breeze is showing, it’s winter time. During winters the outside temperature falls down and it may be an alarming situation for your skin. It might cause dryness, patchy scales, allergies, rashes to the skin. It’s normal to have dry and chapped lips, hands or leg’s during winter. […]


A wardrobe essential for every woman – Camisole

Myra was busy with binding the important documents to make a file. Once the file got ready she packed the office bag and immediately rushed to catch the next metro train to the office. After boarding in the train she plugged her earphones and started listening to music. Someone tapped […]

siberian railways

Interesting Facts About The Trans-Siberian Railway

The Tans-Siberian railway is world-famous, and as the article on USA Today states, it is one that is on many people’s bucket lists. However, there are many things that you may not be aware of regarding this railway that travels over 4000 miles. Below are some fascinating and lesser-known facts […]