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blogging tips

7 Important blogging tips for beginners #myfriendalexa

Many people look for blogging as a full-time career as there are many advantages to blogging as a career like the opportunity to work as per convenience, Opportunity to follow your passion while earning, No strict deadlines. Also, bloggers can balance personal and professional life because of the flexibility in […]

Relieve stress

How blogging helps me to relieve stress

While leaving my lucrative software developer job of 5 years, I hardly thought about the future. Relocation, family and my child were on my priority list. The time passes so fast and we realize that we have left something behind. Something similar happened to me as well, the free time, […]

7 Interesting things to do in Phuket

Nature is the greatest stress buster and we should reconnect with it to get recharged, rejuvenated and refreshed. As and when possible we plan vacations to various places in south-east Asia. This time during kid’s school holidays we were planning a trip to Thailand. We wanted the vacations should be […]


Mother’s anxiety -How to tackle it?

Are you all time thinking about your kids ? are you too much worrying about your kids and their well-being? do you get exhausted unnecessarily? Do you get scared without any reason? do you spend the sleepless night because of the fear? Do you get nightmares every other day? Then […]

short story

Every time I open my eyes,I want to see her

I woke up to loud noise, the curtains of my room were already opened by someone. The flower vase was decorated with the fresh flowers and I could smell the fragrance spread in the room. The paper frame on the glass table shown, Friday 9th June. Everything was the same […]


8 Interesting skills motherhood taught me

“Everything has changed and yet, I’m more me than I’ve ever been- Iain thomas” Well, if someone asks me “What motherhood  taught me? ” There are many interesting things to specify. I have changed in many ways after becoming mother of two beautiful kids. Motherhood changes women ,not only we […]


Jeera / savory shankarpali

Wish you all happy Krishana janamashatmi!! it’s the season of festivals and food. Vareity of snacks, sweets,desserts are made during this period on the occasion of various festivals. Today i’s Krishna janamashtami, and I have made this savory shankarpali , khare shankarpali.It’s an easy to make recipe and comes out […]