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My Fantastic 5 Parenting Mantras #Momology

Parenting is the beautiful journey and it transforms you to completely different person. I would say, it was great learning at every stage of my kids growth. Actually every child is different and  both my kids are total opposite of each other, so I have to use two different parenting […]

Valentine day gift ideas – Best gifts for him

While exploring my wardrobe the thought flashed in my mind, almost 70% of things in my wardrobe are gifted by him, the accessories, fragrances, dresses and what’s not. The thought flashed in my mind, Does his wardrobe also reciprocates this fact. With a hidden fear I opened his wardrobe (though […]

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Checklist for Expectant Moms – What to Pack

The birth of the first child is a milestone in every woman’s life, and after what seems a lifetime of carrying, the date is rapidly approaching. A mixture of excitement and apprehension is the normal response at this time, and in order to help you prepare, here is a checklist […]


How to Get Rid of Dark Knee and Elbow Fast

Skin discoloration, or when a part of the body gets darker compared to the rest of the skin, is one of the most common skin problems. But it doesn’t get as much attention as other issues like acne or scarring. Perhaps because it doesn’t have to be a permanent problem, […]