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Nature lover Neighbor and his venture #ATOZChallenge

Asha ‘s society had a new year celebration function and Sharma family was excited to attend their first ever event in the society. The society makes sure to celebrate various functions for its residents. The complete society is decorated with lights, colorful papers. It’s two days program and on the […]

Khadi club the new beginning #ATOZChallenge

It was an inauguration ceremony of a new kindergarten school near Asha’s society. Her kitty friend invited Asha and other friends for the ceremony. The new school has many useful facilities for young children including a playground. Asha and her friends liked the little library idea for kindergarten children. After […]

It was an ILLUSION – #ATOZChallenge

It was more than 6 months since the Sharma family shifted to this place. By this time Asha knew many ladies living around and Maya was one of them. She lived in an adjacent building, the same floor as that of Asha. Asha saw her many times in society, in […]

Hilarious moments in life #ATOZChallenge

It was a cyclic school tests time for kids and Asha was studying hard. Anyone who visited Sharma house could relate it with the library. Everywhere books, worksheets, notebooks, pencils, bags, notes and what’s not. Karan is in 7th standard and Kavya is studying in 5th. Do you know an […]