10 Things which can cause poor digestion

Many people have low digestion / poor digestion problem.There might be many factors responsible for low digestion.Balanced diet,exercise and proper lifestyle can help to improve digestion.I have suffered very severe stomach bacterial infection and it took around 6 weeks to get it diagnosed and treated.I had to get hospitalized for treatment and underwent numerous medical tests for diagnosis. Very high dose of antibiotics are used for controlling my bacterial infection. After discharge from hospital i could not digest normal meals for many months. Not only I lost significant weight (17 Kg ) in this period but also many nutritional deficiencies ,gluten insensitivity , lactose intolerance  followed with this infection. Along with illness my wrong lifestyle was also the reason of poor digestion. And then 3 long years to get back to normal digestion.I had taken many prescribed medications and digestion supporting medication in this period. I took help of exercises for stomach for better digestion. But this prolong illness affected my metabolism.Here are few reasons which can cause poor digestion.

#1. Taking Heavy meals/Overeating:

My diet was 2 big meals and many snacks times in a day .Two meals were one lunch and other dinner. Most of the time I watched TV while eating or surfed on internet. And which lead to overeating without my realization. Overeating caused excess load on digestive system. I preferred eating as and when I felt hungry there wasn’t any specific schedule for my diet.

#2. Fast food/Junk food:

Who does not like fast food, chocolates, cookies, chips, fries? So I am not an exception. I included these food items in more amounts in my diet which created more problems for my tummy.

#3. Drinking less water:

Water is necessary for proper circulation of nutrients in body. And digestive system needs water for proper functioning. Without water waste in body doesn’t get flushed out and causes many health problems. This can be avoided drinking water and I did not drink enough water which caused worst digestion and also headaches.

#4. No physical exercise:

There wasn’t any physical exercise in my routine. I started my day late in morning and then did all household work and didn’t give time for exercise. Which is one more cause of my less immunity and frequent stomach infections?

#5. Skipping breakfast:

Breakfast is the important meal of the day and I skipped it many times. Sometimes couldn’t get time to eat because of morning household work or just laziness for cooking i.e. started day with only cup of tea.

#6. Sleeping just after dinner:

I always took dinner very late after 10 pm in night .And just after dinner preferred sleeping. Which didn’t give time for digesting food? Ideally dinner should be taken 2 to 3 hours before sleeping.This time is gap is necessary to digest the food correctly.Immediately sleeping slows down digestion causing stomach gas indigestion.

#7. Not chewing food properly:

I was having habit of eating meals in a hurry .So I didn’t chew food properly. This made harder for my intestines to absorb nutrients and it caused indigestion. Improperly digested food causes adverse effects on health .By chewing food properly it efficiently breaks down and digestive enzymes in saliva make it easy to digest.

#8. Outside food:

I enjoy trying different cuisines so I preferred taking outside food more often. Outside food has artificial colours, additives, preservatives, spices and more oil which are harder to digest. Frequently eating these ingredients caused indigestion.

#9. Never eating on time:

There wasn’t specific time/routine for my lunch and dinner. I took meals whenever I got free time. Which was again one more reason of indigestion of food?

#10. Munching snacks:

At any time in a day I loved to munch snacks. Many times just after meals I used to eat chocolates, ice creams, chips, nuts. Sometimes as leftover bowl of my kid  and other time just to give company to others. Many times I ate without getting hungry.


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