8 smart kitchen hacks to save your time

Kitchen arrangements
Kitchen hacks

Women can save their time in kitchen by implementing few kitchen hacks. Some efforts can make your kitchen smart and smart kitchen can save your time while cooking.It will be helpful to avoid any kind of inconvenience to you and your family.There are numerous ways, kitchen hacks to use your kitchen smartly to get most out of it. Neat, clean , tidy kitchen is not only pleasant but also it will boost your enthusiasm for trying new dishes. Do some pre preparations to manage your kitchen efficiently.Once in a month check all your food stock and list down the necessary things. Let’s see how to enjoy cooking using easy kitchen hacks and it will save your time and energy as well.

#1. Vegetable storage :

Keep your vegetables rready sothat you can use them instantly. Let’s see how to do it : Vegetables like Coriander leaves , curry leaves, Chilies  are more used for making curries, lentils and rice. So  keep weekly stock of this vegetables ready  in your fridge. Remove stems and unnecessary leaves from veggies before storing in fridge. Use big plastic box  with compartments to store these vegetables to maintain freshness. Using plastic boxes is very useful to  keep vegetables for longer period without spoiling.  Keeping these veggies ready in this way will save your time while cooking as you will get everything ready in the box. For storing other weekly vegetables use  zip lock pouches made for storing vegetables.

#2. Spice (Multi compartments)boxes :

Some ideas can make your life easier in the kitchen. Spice boxes/candy boxes are very useful because of their multiple  compartments. Store multiple food items which are used together while cooking. Use these spice boxes to store the group of similar food items together e.g. Use for storing all unground spices in one box, ground spices, essentials for desserts or baking, herbs.  It will save your time and efforts too as things will be organized and handy. I enjoy cooking different type of curries and desserts more. With the use of these boxes, my works have got easy now , as I don’t need to run in between to collect all ingredients.

Kitchen hacks
Kitchen Hacks


#3. Grains  storage:

Many  people buy grains in large quantity for complete year. Storing these large quantity grains needs extra care. It’s important to  maintain good shelf life of your grains. If you have large quantity of grains ,then  take only  small amount of grains in separate container for regular use. Also it will be handy and used easily. Remaining grains store in separate dry  place or room(Darkroom)  to avoid spoiling. E. g. Rice, Lentils ( Moong dal, Toor  dal, Urad dal). If you store all grains in kitchen make sure to avoid its more contact  with water or air.

#4. Airtight boxes :

Invest some money on buying airtight containers and it will save your money by protecting the food inside. As dry grains  may get spoilt easily if exposed to air or water. Varieties of airtight boxes are available in the market, which can be used for storing grains, pulses. Using airtight container helps  to increase shelf life of food items. I have been using normal boxes for storing my pulses since long and always had seen grains spoilt. For storing pickles/ jams/sauces use glass /ceramic bottles with tight lid.

#5. Labeling

Labeling food items is helpful in many ways. (No I’m not talking about how it’s helpful for your husband to find food when you are away from home. That is one significant advantage of labeling your food boxes, bottles. ) If along with label, expiry date of the food is mentioned on the box, it’s very useful. If you are storing the food in box and discard packets afterwards you may miss expiry date of the food. It happens with me many times that I forget the expiry date of food. To avoid it note down expiry date on the box along with name of food. Use sticky notes to serve this purpose of labeling.

# 6. Use Plastic clips

Plastic clips

Sometimes we want to store packets of grains. In that case lock the leftover grains in packet using plastic clip. Varity of plastic clips are available in the market to close food packets. Have stock of these clips handy. As grains in open packets may get spoilt easily. These packets closed with plastic clips can be stored in one big box.

#7. Sticky notes:

Be always well stocked, whenever you see anything in less quantity note down it. Use sticky notes for noting down the food items which are to be re stocked soon. This way you won’t miss anything to buy at your super market trip.

#8. Use hangers :

Use hangers to hang spoons, ladles ,cotton napkins which are used mostly while cooking.It will save space of storage as well.Use hangers which can be sticked anywhere easily so avoid drilling.

Enjoy cooking with these smart kitchen hacks and let us know if you have any ideas in comments.


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