10 type of books which can be used for playing

books for playing
books for playing
Can books be used for playing? If anyone would have asked same question before 20 years back than probably answer would have been “NO “.But now time has changed and variety of books are available in the market. Which are not only interesting but also very interactive. Kids can engage themselves for playing with books. Book reading is best habit for any age children and similar is playing with books. Books help to build vocabulary, relating pictures to real world, general knowledge and enhancing reading skills. For every age children there are different types of books are available. Reading books help children to learn while having fun.

If you are thinking,” when children can use books for playing? “So here are few scenarios when books can come to your rescue. There are times when children get bored by playing with sports, toys and games.They want some change or do something different, then go for giving variety of books for playing. (Doing activities/ reading/Painting). Another scenario where books can be used -if you are traveling with children, It’s tough to keep them engaged in a journey. Use books while traveling as an entertainment for children. They will get busy with books and your journey will be peaceful.  Let’s see some of the interesting book types which can be used for children’s play time.

Check some type of books which can be used for playtime:

1.Picture books

Books with lots of pictures are the best type of books to start with for your toddlers. Children learn by seeing pictures in books and relating them with real world objects, alphabets, numbers and much more. Buy hard covered books if possible as they are more durable. Hard covered picture books are always good investment as it can be used by many children. For older children picture books with story in it are ideal pick. Pictures explain about the story and help to better understand it.

2.Flash card books

These are very interesting type of cards generally used for memorization. Flash cards are hard cards having pictures on it.Children learn by seeing and identifying this cards.Interestingly these flash cards are used for children as young as of age 6 months.Children enjoy playing with variety of flash cards.

3.Talking / Musical books

Musical books are interesting books which play music. It’s ideal for young kids generally to learn sounds of animals, sounds of vehicles. There are musical books available for older children also which play nursery songs, alphabets, and numbers. Its interactive way of learning as child feels, book is interacting and teaching them. These books operate on batteries for playing music or talking.Talking books is fun for children as they can listen stories using them.Give these talking books for playing with when your children get bored next time.

4. Activity books:

These types of books are used for older children. It has set of activities/ projects given and children have to do it. Provide necessary material for the activity and children will perform it by reading.

5.Adjustment books

In these books children have to arrange the spellings, pictures to answer the asked questions. And adjusting books are used for school going children to solve problems. Answer strips are to be adjusted to get solution of problem. Or given things should be placed in order by adjustments given in the books. Its fun while learn for kids as they like this different activity.

6.Colouring books

Colouring books can be used for toddlers ,older children. It has drawn pictures and children have to colour them. It’s fun for children to colour  pictures.Use pencil colours, crayon colours for younger children.Elder children can enjoy coloring with water colors, sketch pens as well.

7.Sticker books

Sticker books have set of stickers and then some pages have place to stick these stickers. The sticker should be stacked to exact place allocated for it in the book. Child has to find out that place and stick sticker. It’s very good option to keep child busy while traveling. As children get bored easily and need some different activity always this is great option to keep them busy.

8.Puzzle books

Puzzle books can be used for school going children. It has many different types of puzzles to solve. Solving puzzles help children to solve problems. It’s been said puzzle solving helps in brain development.

9.Story making books

Children love stories and making one of their own using given set of pictures is innovative idea. Story making books have set of pictures, and children have to frame a story using these pictures. It not only helps children to imagine but to find words and frame them.

10. Scribbling book /pad

We know many kids scribble on any surface including the walls. Toddlers normally love to draw, paint, scribble and they do it on any available surface. Give them big scribbling pads, blank books to enjoy drawing, painting. Initially they will make wild strokes but afterwards drawing skills will be developed. For older children you can show pictured and asks to draw them seeing it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you have any ideas about using books please share it with us in comments section.


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