10 Valentine’s day gift ideas for mommy

I’m standing in a greeting card’s shop and searching for the perfect gift for my Valentine. Well, what to buy for her? Is difficult question. Now you may suggest – to buy something she likes the most, But that’s again another trouble, as she is least interested in the greetings, teddy’s, chocolates or jewellery. Now you might think “how’s that possible and what she likes on the earth?”
Wait for a second and take a deep breath. I’m searching a gift for my valentine – my mommy. Yes, I gift my mommy on this special day every year. She hardly knew about Valentine’s Day a few years back. But now she knows about it and loves the celebrations and gifts specially selected for her. I enjoy celebrating this day with my husband, mommy, kids and family. Our mommy loves us the most on earth. She loves us unconditionally from out birth so she’s is our first valentine. Celebrating this day of love with your mommy is the perfect way to express our feelings for her.

I feel Celebrations make life colourful, beautiful and vibrant, so we shouldn’t leave a chance to celebrate any occasion or a day. Isn’t it? As its Valentine’s Day tomorrow you might be busy in preparations and searching for the gifts. Here are fantastic gift ideas to surprise your mommy on this Valentine’s Day.

10 valentine day gift ideas for mommy:


Books are a perfect gift for anyone and your mommy will love to read her new gift. Select a favourite author’s book or any book which your mother would love to read.

2.Massage package

Spa has the variety of services/packages available for full body massage, foot massage. Buy a suitable massage package for your mommy on this Valentine’s Day and she will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after taking this spa massage.

3.Musical CD’s

Music is a great stress buster and if your mommy likes music, gift musical CD’s, DVD’s to her. Select her choice of music as a gift.

4.Flowers bouquet

Flowers are a most beautiful way to express your love. It makes the surrounding beautiful and aromatic with its presence. Find and gift a favourite flower bouquet for your mother.

5.Scented candles

Scented candles create the aromatic atmosphere with light. Select carefully crafted candles as a gift.


Mother’s like cooking and everything related with the kitchen. Crockery is very useful and it gives the exact royal touch to food served in it. Buy cute, delicate crockery for your mommy.
gift ideas

7.Photo frames

Select well-designed photo frame to save your memories with mommy.


I like shawls and find it most comfortable winter wear. It gives the protection in chilly weather and it’s very handy to wear. Gift warm, embroidered or designer shawls as a gift to your mother.


Gift a nice, useful purse to your mommy. Varieties of beautiful purses are available in the market and select the most suitable purse as a gift.


Gift ideas

Sweets are inseparable part of special occasions.Buy a box of sweets on valentine’s day for her.Or simply make her favourite sweet/ dessert at home. I usually like to buy a box of macrons for my mommy on this day.

Wish you all Valentine’s Day and enjoy it with your loved ones and let us know your gift ideas in the comments section.


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