10 ways to deal with pregnancy mood swings

Pregnancy mood swings
Pregnancy mood

It was Isha’s  6 th month of pregnancy and up to now everything was fit and fine on the health front. The baby was growing properly inside womb and Isha was quite active too. The only person who faced the problem during pregnancy was her husband – Ashit.  Because Isha cried almost after every few days throughout the pregnancy. Ashit always  tried to calm her by all means.But Isha had many reasons for crying episodes like, Sometimes she cried because she was worried about the delivery, sometimes she’s scared of the delivery and other time there was no reason. Ashit was worried about his wife’s mood swings and crying episodes. He tried all possible ways to make her happy but the situation didn’t change.

It’s absolutely normal to have prenatal/postnatal depression, anxiety, mood swings during pregnancy. Mood swings can be caused by many reasons like fatigue, hormonal changes and body changes during pregnancy. If you are also facing same problems in a pregnancy,don’t worry as it’s normal and treatable. Always talk about it with your doctor, family, and friends.Don’t hesitate to take help from them.When you feel extremely low during pregnancy, don’t get panic and remember that this shall also pass.Take warm water bath, eat your favorite chocolate, sip on warm drinks, sing a song, go out in the sunshine.These simple things can help a lot to keep your mood better during low times.

Following are some ways to help you deal with mood-swings in pregnancy.

1. Satisfy food cravings

Upset mood might be because of the strong craving during pregnancy. To be very frank, many times it feels better  after eating your favourite foods. Eating Favourite food gives satisfaction to tongue and soul also. Eat/ drink whatever you want to. (Don’t worry about the weight gain as you can get back to your normal shape once you deliver a baby.)

2. Take a nap 

When you are exausted and dont want to do anything, go for resting. Taking a nap is the good option when you are tired or feeling low.any women complain that  resting helps only for few hours. In that case ,plan 2-3 naps during a day, to keep yourself going. Resting helps to feel fresh and energetic. Always remind yourself,  that this phase is just for a while and it shall pass also.

3.Take a walk

Walking improves blood circulation, elevates mood and helps for having a normal delivery. Most important fact is it’s allowed during all trimesters of pregnancy unless of any abnormal health conditions.Always discuss with your doctor before starting any exercise.Walking is a light exercise and you can do it at any time of the day.Rigorous exercises are not allowed during pregnancy so you can select few comfortable exercises like walking.

4.Listen music

Music is a great way for uplifting mood.Keep the low volume of your speaker and play any pleasant music on it. t’s been said that Instrumental music has very good effects on features inside the mother’s womb. So go for playing your favorite instrumental music every day.

5.Read books

Reading book is the great stress buster for everyone. Whenever you are feeling down grab a book and start reading. Prefer motivational, inspirational books, novels or read your favorite author’s book.

6.Meet up friends

Plan a meet up with your friends, family, colleagues, loved one’s and fellow moms – to- be. Talking with your friends and family can relieve your stress, anxiety up to great extent. It can be helpful to discuss about mood swings and how others handle them. Collect information from others and check whether it can help you as well.

7.Visit places:

Going out of house gives the perfect change, which you need during mood swings. Fresh air, sunlight, and change of atmosphere will make you happy and cheerful. As traveling long distance is not recommended, select nearby places like religious places, gardens, parks for visiting. Spend quality time at these places.

8.Go Shopping:

Women love shopping and when you have a new addition coming in your family soon,So go for shopping. Shop clothes , bottles, toys, beddings for baby. Actually doing everything after delivery is not possible so get prepared for it during pregnancy.It will avoid inconvenience after delivering baby, as you will have everything needed for baby.

9.Watch movies / entertainment

Watching movies is good time pass and if you want to avoid going theatre you can watch them at home.When you are feeling very low, w atch your favourite genre or comedy movies. Or go for watching  light entertainment programmes on television. Entertaining yourself in these ways will make you feel light, engaged and help to improve your mood.

10.Writing diary

Maintain a diary during pregnancy and write down all your experiences. It will be of great help to keep track of your experiences, wishes, future plans. Diary is the perfect thing  to write down about your future with baby. Write down what you will do when baby comes in your hand, what’s the first thing you will eat  after delivering baby what’s the first cloth you will buy and try after delivery. These future plans will give you the exact excitement you need.

So it was all about the ways to handle the mood swings during pregnancy. Have a happy  and healthy pregnancy. Let us know your ideas of being happy during pregnancy mood swings or how you handled yours.



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  1. Awesome tips for pregnancy care !! Keep up the good work !!

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