Women’s day celebration in true sense

International women’s day is celebrated across world on 8th march every year. It is a day that celebrates womanhood. But why just celebrate a womanhood only on one day? Why can’t  we make every day as a women’s day for our daughters, sisters, mothers ,aunts, friends and  wives. If you ask me when will be women’s day celebrated in true sense? As a woman I would say when,

Violence against women will end.
Women will be given equal right to take education ,work and to fulfil their ambitions.
Women will feel safe and secure at their work place, education institutes, homes.
Society will work towards achieving one goal of women empowerment.
When all kind of atrocities on women will be eliminated from the society.
When women will be given a right of equality everywhere.

The day when we would achieve these, it would be a perfect women’s day.And we can achieve it together for sure. We can better lives of women in our life  and this is how it will complete a circle. When everyone will work towards achieving same goal, Victory is not far. Let us start together and celebrate this International women’s day in true sense.

Women in a woman’s life

“Behind every successful woman there is a TRIBE of successful women who have her back.- Famous quote”

These words are absolutely true. It is observed that at work, in family  women are pulled back by other women the most. It is done out of jealousy, insecurity, envy feeling etc. Instead every woman  should start helping, supporting, co-operating with other women around. Appreciate and encourage your woman relatives, woman friends at every step and it would change their life for sure. As a woman we should stand for each other instead of standing against each other.How about mother-in-law showing support and care for the daughter-in-law and vice versa? It would make a great change in many lives.

Men in woman’s life

All men out there, you play an important role in any woman’s life. As a brother, father, husband, son, nephew, cousin, you are related to her. How can you make a difference in any woman’s life? Start from your own house, respect  and care the women  around you. Take a oath, that you won’t harm any woman’s feeling in any way. And would take all possible efforts to understand her. And support them in any situation.How about, husbands helping wives in household chores?sons helping mothers? It will help to change gender stereo types and help women in many ways.


Women always tend to ignore themselves and keep other high on their priority list. They get involved in taking care of kids ,family. If you are seeking for equality then start from treating yourself equal. Continue taking care of everyone around you, and add yourself also in the list. Take care of your physical and mental health as well. If you have any guilt, insecurity, negativity, inferiority, just throw it out and focus just only on yourself. Love and live for yourself.Get up, laugh and give a tap to yourself for being so wonderful and perfect.

Being a woman is privilege in itself being  a , wife, daughter, mother ,sister, friend, aunt should be celebrated. As a happy family is lead by strong woman. So all the pretty ladies start pampering and caring  yourself on this International women’s day 2019.


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