11 Things to avoid in pregnancy


Pregnancy is most important period of women’s life. What mother eats , drinks and does during pregnancy affects the baby inside. A nutritious diet  of mommy  is directly linked to a higher chance of  having healthy baby ..here are many benefits of care taken in pregnancy like baby will have  healthy weight and reducing the risk of many birth defects. Also it could give developing baby the healthiest possible start in life.

Emotional state of mother influences baby so it is important for mother not to take any mental stress during this period. More help and attention should be given to her for happy and healthy baby. Altering living conditions, surroundings can give mommy to be maximum comfort .Clean house, soothing instrumental music, freshly cooked food and pleasant atmosphere in house surely will be of help.

With many Do’s there are some Dont as well. And it’s just matter of few months for mommy so relax. After delivery mommy can continue normal routine.It is good to avoid following few things in pregnancy for healthy baby and mommy.

#1.Wearing high heels

It’s better to avoid high heels in pregnancy as it is not safe as well. Because of increased weight body shape and centre of gravity changes and steady walking becomes difficult. And mommy it’s just matter of few months, once delivering baby can start wearing your favourite pair again.

 #2.Drinking alcohol, smoking

Smoking is very harmful to baby, increasing your risk for complications. It’s better to avoid it entirely. Also drinking alcohol can lead to complications to unborn baby. Avoid these two things entirely for period of pregnancy.

 #3.Sleeping on back or stomach

Sleeping on back can intervene with blood circulation so avoid sleeping on back in pregnancy Sleeping on left side is recommended .Pregnancy pillows are also available which really helps to support mommy’s big tummy and baby inside as well. Or taking long pillow in between legs can also be used instead as a support. Sleeping on stomach is very risky for baby inside womb and thus avoid it completely.

 #4.Drinking caffeine

All the food that is swallowed up by the mother is shared with baby inside. Drinking coffee, tea is common habits among many. But in pregnancy it’s better to avoid these favourite drinks /caffeine as it can increase risk of health problems to unborn baby in later life. Instead of taking these beverages replace them with fruit juice, fruit veggie smoothie like healthy options.

 #5.Uncomfortable position

Seating or standing in uncomfortable position for long time is not good for mommy because of increased weight and changed centre of gravity of body. Uncomfortable seating or standing position may create strain on body. Also avoid visiting places where high intensity sound waves produced like movie theater, pubs, discos during pregnancy.

 #6.Prohibit foods

Prohibit foods like papaya, as it’s been said that papaya is having heat and it may be harmful for fetus.Specially in first trimester don’t eat papaya. Also avoid some types of fish as they can harm you and baby in the womb, Very spicy, Oilyfood during pregnancy.

 #7.Intense exercise

Avoid exercise which involves lying on back, lying on stomach, bending, excessive stretching and abdominal moves. These exercises are not suitable in pregnancy as the gravity of body changes because of increased weight and shape of body and thus improper movements can be harmful.

 #8.Painting house

Paints used for painting house have chemicals and strong smell and it may make mommy to be more uncomfortable.Also

Harsh chemicals in the paints may be harmful for unborn baby.

#9.Lifting weight

Pregnant woman should never lift heavy things. As it may also lead to miscarriage. For lifting thing from ground do not bend but instead bend knees and then lift thing from ground.

 #10.Wearing tight clothes

Especially in late pregnancy avoiding tight clothes is good. Wearing skin tight jeans, skin tight tops, skirts may be uncomfortable for mommy. Tight clothes may stop blood flow in the body which is not good during pregnancy. Baby inside womb grows so it needs more space, wearing loose clothes gives more space.



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