12 Top movies to watch with kids

kids movies
kids movies

1.Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda tells the delightful story of clumsy  Po – the panda who is prophesized to bring peace to China by destroying an evil kung fu warrior. How Po plans and achieves his goal is the complete story. This delightful movie gives very important lesson of life. It teaches finding courage in  oneself, self confidence to children.


Here’s a fairy tale story that’s unique and brilliant in every way! We have that witty green ogre with his tough exterior and brilliant sense of humour and the princess, who seems like a bit of a mystery! Not to mention the ogre’s hilarious sidekick donkey! Other than being a barrel of laughs inside a heart warming story, Shrek teaches children how love is important in life.

3. Incredibles series

This is the must watch story of  the super hero family. How they use their super powers for noble cause and always  save people.

4.The Harry Potter series

It is the story of an orphaned child who is told he is a wizard and is immersed in a magical world of witches, warlocks and quidditch (the wizarding sport). It has everything necessary for the magical movie- wonderful special effects ,lovable characters  and fascinating  creatures.

5. Toy story

The story about toys weaved perfectly to entertain little kids. How a  cowboy doll  feels when the new spaceman figure supplants the new top toy to the boy.

6.Home Alone series

This hilarious series is sure to bring out tears of laughter for both you and your little ones. It’s about the 8-year-old Kevin  and how he is left at home , accidentally for the Christmas holidays (when his parents leave in a hurry, forgetting about him until they are airborne), he hears about a secret plan amongst two burglars to rob his house.  How Kevin sets the action plan ,boody traps all over the house to teach lesson to the robbers. This popular movie has  the hit sequels.

7. Stuart Little

This is the story about the mouse ,that can never be forgotten. Mr. and Mrs. Little adopt a little talking mouse to be their second kid,  and how their first son George  dislikes the Stuart. But , with his own unique style Stuart manages to capture the heart of his new family as well as the audience.

8.The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid is a movie that’s sure to inspire anybody. It is a story of 1year-old Dre Parker, who moves to China with his mother only to run afoul with bullies. Mr. Han then teaches him the art of Karate for self defence. So it gives a lesson to learn self defence. Another brilliant movie about finding courage within oneself.

9.Little Rascals

Another tale about a group of children who form the ‘He-man Woman-haters Club’ .This adventurous group wants  to win the annual go cart competition by building their own go-cart. What follows is a hilarious and brilliant journey of these little kids  and how they try to win the competition.

10.The jungle book

The movie is about the Mowgli the jungle boy. How he lives in jungle with other animals and what happens when he decides to visit his family, but loses track. Wonderful sequences are worth to watch.


These cute animated cars are sure to tug at your heartstrings! The movie has a  brilliant concept of bringing cars to life and creating a world filled with only cars!It’s in this world that hotshot racing car named Lighting McQueen gets lost and stuck in a dreary old town like Radiator Springs, where he unknowingly finds everything. he’s been looking for! Any car enthusiastic child is sure to love this one!


Here is the quirky film, which has an alliance of manny the mammoth, Sid a slow-moving, mammoth and Diego a saber-toothed tiger. And how they return a human baby to its parents. This film is sure to fill you with lots of laughs and that fuzzy feeling. Here’s a cute animated movie set in the Ice Age that’s sure to have you rolling on the floor laughing.


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