15 Fun games to play during summer vacation

summer vacation

Mom where’s my video game? have you hidden it somewhere? I don’t understand why you hide it , when I need it the most!! This was fuming 10-year-old Nil. It’s summer vacation time and Nil passes his time by playing video games. This is common picture seen in every household, that kids are busy on phones/ ipads in their free time. Their day starts with some screen and ends with the other screen. It can be avoided by engaging kids in various activities. Yes, parents can actually limit child’s screen time. Let’s see how to achieve it. Make a plan for this summer vacation and enjoy with your kids.

Doing educational projects is perfect way of utilising the summer .Select the project as per your child’s age, stream of syllabus, standard and subjects. Help them to collect information via various mediums to execute the project. Another option is to arrange a play date at home and play some fun games with other children. Select  games which can be played with easily available things at home. Following  is the jumbo list of games to keep kids engaged. Here we go with some coolest game ideas for your kids to play during summer vacation.

1.Marble game:

The game is like: Hold the marbles using two chopsticks and put them into glass/bowl.(Keep safe distance between glass and marbles. It’s challenging task to hold the marble in chop-sticks and it needs lots of concentration.) whoever put the maximum number of marbles in the glass using chopsticks is the winner.

2. Say – Slogan game:

To play this game  first person has to say first word of slogan and consecutive person has to say next word of the slogan.e.g.If you have chosen hip hip hurray slogan, the first person will say hip, second will say hip and third person will say hurray. Similarly everyone who has the turn to say the slogan word should say it correctly. It needs concentration to play the game.(Baba black sheep or any other slogan you can select.)

3.Clips chain:

Make a chain of clips (which are used for drying  clothes).Hook the clips in each other  to make longest possible chain of it. Fix a time interval and whoever makes longest chain will be the winner. Similar way use safety pins to play the same game.

4.Reverse  musical chair:

Arrange chairs in circular direction. Ask children to walk /run in reverse manner on music. Walking in reverse manner is tougher than normal musical chair game.

5. Filling the basket with the balls:

This is the super fun game, to play this keep two baskets ready and throw 2 balls in both the baskets simultaneously. Throwing both the balls in correct basket is very challenging task. Use weightless colourful plastic balls for playing this game.

6. English word games:

Play various English word games by writing them. It helps to improve vocabulary. Frame a question and ask children to write words related to it.e.g.Food fiesta : and everyone should write maximum possible words related to food in 1 minute of time.

7. Stick stickers:

To play this game stick maximum  number of stickers on the sticker book in correct slot. Whoever sticks maximum stickers is the winner.

8. Cutting shapes:

Use a cardboard and ask the contestant to cut maximum possible shapes from it. Select any shape like star,circle,square.

9. Longest string:

Tie  knots of handkerchief to each other to make longest chain of handkeys.Whoever makes longest chain of it  in 1 minute wins the game.

10. Draw blindfolded:

Blindfold the contestant first. Draw an elephant on the whiteboard and ask the child to draw the tail to an elephant. Whoever draws the correct or nearby correct tail is the winner.

11. Make a tower:

For playing this game make towers of disposable glass, bowls by keeping them on each other. Set time interval and the tallest  tower wins the game.

12.Tissues games:

Use a(facial tissue )tissue box and take out maximum possible tissues from it in one minute time interval.

13.Origami challenge:

Make maximum possible airplanes/boats using papers in one minute.

14. Solving Puzzles:

To play this game ask children to solve maximum possible  puzzles in given interval of time.

15.Things dumb charades:

one contestant has to describe about a thing (e.g. pen, rolling pin, hair band)to others by enacting. The contestant can’t talk to others for describing. Whoever identifies the thing is winner.

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