20 Interesting Christmas gift ideas under 30$

ginger bread cookies

Jingle bells, Santa, Beautiful light decorations, Christmas trees around has brought festive vibes. It’s the best time of the year. We wait for a complete year to have celebrations during this time. We get a chnace to meet our friends and family during these holidays. Christmas is the best time to gift our loved ones.If you are looking to buy gifts for your friends and family here is the list of 10 interesting Christmas gift ideas under 30$.

1.Festive desserts

Festivals are incomplete without desserts and sweets. If you are going to the Christmas party and Pack of cookies cake fruit gingerbread cookies will be the best gift on this Christmas.

2.Fitness equipment

fitness roller

Many times we don’t buy fitness equipment, considering it won’t be used, but if someone gifts us them then we use it. But fitness bands or fitness rollers for gifting. It will be another healthy lifestyle gift for any family.

3.Perfumes and fragrances


Fragrances make special occasions more special and Perfumes are loved by all. It can be a thoughtful gift  for anyone on this Christmas.

4. Condiments  stand

Condiments stand can be a useful and attractive addition to any house. Various models with different designs are available in the market.  choose the most suitable condiment to stand for gifting.

5.Massage oil

Massage oil(almond, olive oil) is ideal for getting relaxing body massages. And it can be gifted as a useful gift.

6.Sling bags

There are the variety of sling bags available in the market and you can select unisex slingback for gifting on this Christmas. Anyone in the family can use these cool, multipurpose, easy to use sling bags.

7. Movies CD

There are some lazy weekends when we don’t want to leave the couch. Watching movies is a good time pass for that lazy weekends, so why not to present a movie CD this Christmas. And you can get them at a reasonable price as well.

8. Chocolate box

Oh boy! who doesn’t like chocolates? We all need the dose of endorphins. Isn’t it? A chocolate box can give that required dose of endorphins.  The market is fully loaded with a variety of chocolates with attractive packaging. I have selected handmade chocolate boxes already for gifting it to my friends.

9. Phone  cases

Smartphones are delicate and need protective cases. The phone looks classy after putting in the protective cases. You can select a set of phone cases for the complete family.

10. Books

Books make an awesome gift for any occasion and it’s the best time to start a new year with a new book.

11. Dry fruit box

Dry fruit box could be the best snacking foods for this chilly weather in winter. Buy a dry fruit box and wrap it with cute gift paper to gift it.


Lunch boxes are daily used in the household with kids. So gifting a lunch box on this festive season will be an ideal option. It will be highly used in the household with kids.

13.Photo frames

Photos are good ways to cherish beautiful memories. Decorative photo frames make a cool gift for anyone. Buy photo frames which can hold multiple photos as a christmas gift.

14. Ceramic cooking pans

There are a variety of ceramic cooking pans available in the market under 30$. These pans have a ceramic coating and useful for zero or less oil cooking. Gift the ceramic pan to start healthy cooking.

15. Bed sheets

Bed sheets make a useful gift for any family as it has many uses. But fitted and plain, a solid color sheet for gifting purposes.

16. Bodypack/ face pack

Festival time is the celebration and party time. To get ready for this time extra care of yourself is necessary. Gift a body pack, face pack to anyone and they will love it for sure.

17. Ice cream bowl set

Glass bowl set for serving ice creams or any dessert would be an awesome addition to any kitchen.

18.Towel set

Buy a towel set to gift. It has different sizes of towels in it.

19. Headphones

Headphones have mostly used the gadget and it would be a nice option as a Christmas gift.

20.Saloon coupon

Many leading spas and saloons have promotional offers during the festive season. Buy a coupon from such a saloon or spa for your friends. Let them pamper themselves with this saloon treatments.

So what’s your favourite Christmas gift ? please share with us in comments section. We wish you merry and Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2019!!



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