20 Theme ideas for the party

Party Themes
Party Themes

It’s New Year and celebrations are going on everywhere. It’s the best and merry time of the year. People spend happy time with their loved ones and the perfect time to have a party. If you are planning the party at home it’s must to have a theme for the party. You can use this theme for the kitty party, birthday party, any celebrations or simple get together. Nowadays theme plays an important role while planning any party at home or outdoors. It’s super fun to get ready or decorate your house as per the theme. It will be the party in a completely different world.

Not only it will make an atmosphere for the party but it will create enthusiasm in guests and host as well. You can do many things as per the party’s theme like:

  1. Invitations to the party.
  2. Attires of the guests and host
  3. Decorating place of the party using Banners, balloons, shapes, decorating things as per the theme.
  4. Food & drinks.
  5. Cake as per the theme.
  6. Music and engaging games,
  7. Return gifts as a token of love.

Here is the list of few themes, which can be used while planning your next party.


Plan a theme for the party as per the festival like Christmas, Diwali, Pongal, Hari-Raya, and Chinese New Year. It will give you a feel of festival celebrations along with fun.


For this theme go western and enjoy the different party.Choose dress code, food, games, party décor as per the theme.


For following matching theme ask your guests to wear as many as possible things in matching the colour. Whoever has maximum matching things should be the winner of the event. Hosts should do matching colors with party décor and party food.


For following tech savvy theme have cut-outs of a variety of electronic gadgets. All guests can bring the maximum possible gadget used for personal use to get declared as a most tech-savvy person. E.g. be tech-savvy using small gadgets like a torch, mp3 player, fans, coolers, led lights.

5.Fancy dress

For this creative theme, guests have to decide how to look fancy and unique. Everyone should try something interesting and never tried before attires.


Become a kid again for the special cartoon party. You can use these cartoon themes for the birthday party of your children. The theme can be character specific as well. Select any favorite character of your child for the party, like Micky mouse, Dora, Doraemon, Pokémon, Chota bheem for kid’s birthday party.


Decide a specific color/ colors for the party and let everything and everyone follows the color code.


If you want to plan a party for getting relaxed feeling go for Hawaiian theme. Use fresh flower decors and get the atmosphere ready for the party.


For Hollywood theme, everyone should wear attires like Hollywood actresses /actors or famous movie. Turn the party place into a hollywood movie set for the perfect atmosphere.


For casino, theme change the place into a casino and play gambling games.

11.Ocean theme

Mermaid and octopuses, whales and dolphins for the special party. Decorate the place with star fishes and jelly fish’s shapes.


Select a sport and be sporty for the smashing party. Everyone has favorite sports and secret wish to be a player definitely.This theme gives a chance to fulfill secret wish.

13. Zoo

This one is again an epic theme and you will love to be animal for a memorable party.


If you are in a dancing mood, go for disco theme. Play your favorite music and break the dance floor.


If you are a hard core Bollywood movies fan go for this theme. Be the party like any movie set of Bollywood.


Be a superhero this festive season and let your guests be one. This party will be the super hit for all aged people.


Music is the greatest stress buster and parties/celebrations are incomplete without music. In music theme party organize everything in musical not manner and ask all guests to be creative by playing musical instruments.

18.Ethnic theme

Select this theme to go ethnic to the party. Wear clothes as per the selected theme e.g. Manipuri, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Bengali.

19.Actresses theme

Exclusive for the (kitty party of women).Let guests select the actress they adore most and be like her. This party will you a chance to be someone to whom you follow.


For Indian theme choose from vast culture of India. And follow dress code as per the theme. E.g. select from south, north, east, west part of India.

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