20 Vegetarian meal ideas for 1 year old

meal ideas
meal ideas

What to include in one year old’s diet?  Is big question for mommy. One-year-old children can chew and you can offer the variety of foods. For complete physical and mental growth of child well-balanced diet is important. Freshly cooked food is nutritious, tasty and gets absorbed easily. So always prefer freshly cooked homemade food for your child. For all meals of the day, you can cook simple dishes. Following are 20  vegetarian and nutritious meal ideas with recipes. All recipes  are easy to make and can be made under few minutes.Short instructions are also provided for a more clear idea.

Before that, we’ll have some general discussions about one year old’s meals. We get many queries / complains, worries from mommies about meal ideas for 1 year old. Following are generally asked questions/ complains by mommies, and their solutions for the problems.

Complains 1 :

Many mommies complain that their kids are taking only baby food and refusing to eat home cooked food.


A baby food you can give when you go out or when you don’t want to cook. But it’s better to avoid giving only packed baby food for all four meals of the day. Freshly cooked food at home is easy to digest, and more liked by kids.

Complains 2:

My baby wants to eat only pureed food and throwing food if given in chunks


Generally, 1 year old kid should eat normal food which is cooked for all other family members. If your baby likes to eat only pureed food, start offering at least one meal in a day without pureeing. Show and encourage your child for chewing the food. Initially offer small fruits pieces, chapatti pieces. Avoid pureeing food if your baby has got teeth and able to chew. It’s good to offer same food as what your family eats. It’s their teething period and they are learning chewing and swallowing.

Complains 3:

Whatever I give, my baby refuses to eat, why so?


Eating the same dish can be boring for anyone. Babies are not exceptions and they need a change. So make different dishes and present them in attractive manner. Don’t repeat same meal for 2-3 day for more acceptances.    If the child refuses to eat any particular dish don’t force him/her. Use attractive,.colourful bowl, glasses, spoons and plates for feeding. Presenting various tried and tasted vegetarian meals for your toddlers.

20 Meal ideas for toddlers (1-year-old kids):

1.Khichadi (Mixture of rice, lentils and veggies)

Cook rice, vegetable and lentil mixture in the pressure cooker for 4 whistles. Add salt and cumin powder for taste. Make sure to add more water for making khichdi soft and easy to chew.

2.Rice Kanji

Grind rice and water in a grinder to get the fine paste. Cook rice paste with water and salt to get soup like texture rice kanji.


Idli is made from fermented rice and urad dal mixture. It needs to be steamed in idli cooker. Idli is very soft and easy to digest food so ideal for any meal of your child.

4.Daliya porridge (Broken wheat porridge)

Roast daliya in the spoonful of ghee on low flame. Cook with milk, sugar and water in the pressure cooker until it gets soft. Pour the spoonful of ghee and serve sweet daily porridge.

5.Sewai  kheer (porridge)

Sewai (wheat noodles) is cooked with water , sugar and milk to make porridge. Pour hot ghee and serve Sewai kheer.

6.Semolina upma

Roast semolina and cook semolina with water and salt. Add pureed tomato , grated carrots for making vegetable upma.

7.Homemade baby food

Its baby food made using rice and lentils at home. It can be made once and used many times powder. Recipe.

8.Mashed potatoes

Boil and peel potatoes and mash them. Add a spoonful of butter or ghee, cheese and the pinch of salt on it. Mix well and serve mashed potatoes.

9.Rice and lentils

Cook rice and lentils separately using a pressure cooker. Pour ghee and mix rice and lentils.


Grind chapatti in the grinder to make its fine pieces. Add milk /lentil soup in it and let it rest for 15 minutes. Mix well and serve. Mixing chapatti in this way will make it  soft to chew for baby.

11.Curd and rice / Milk & rice

Cook soft rice with more water in pressure cooker and mix with full cream milk. Feed milk and rice. Or for making curd rice mix rice with curd and feed curd rice as a meal.

12.Carrots rice

Grate carrots and fry in oil. Add rice, salt and spices like cumin powder in it. Cook soft rice and pour the spoon full of ghee while serving.

13.Ragi porridge

Ragi powder is cooked with milk, water and sugar to make ragi porridge. Recipe for navahani satv.


Boil whole wheat pasta in enough water for 15-16 minutes. Add salt to it while boiling. Sprinkle cheese and butter on cooked pasta and serve.

15.Sabudana/ sago  porridge

Soak sago in water for 4-5 hours. Cook soaked sago with water, milk and sugar. Serve sago porridge.

16.Semolina sheera

Roast semolina and cook with milk and sugar. Add almonds powder in it while cooking and serve sheera.

17.Vegetable Soups

Offer the variety of soups like tomato spinach soup, Carrots and broccoli soup.

18.Fruit smoothies

Offer fruit smoothies like Banana smoothies, mango smoothies, apple smoothie to your child. For making smoothie blend fruits with milk in the blender.


Make a bit thicker dosa than the usual one, using fermented batter.Thick dosa is soft and easy to chew for baby. Serve with coconut chutney or curd.

20.Wheat porridge

Roast wheat flour with ghee. Cook roasted flour with milk ,water and sugar to make wheat porridge. Recipe.

meal ideas
meal ideas

 Time table for baby food ( baby food chart )

Toddlers have small tummies and need to feed frequently. You can give 4 meals and 2 snacks a day to your child. There can be small snacks given in between if a child is hungry. Snacks can be biscuits, rusks for kids, fruits pieces or anything your child likes to eat. ( Every child’s appetite is different so decide as per your child’s appetite. You can make changes in the table as per your convenience. )

Morning 8-9 am  Breakfast sheera/ upama/banana and milk

Morning 10-11am   Snacks fruits /rusk ,soup

Afternoon 12-1 pm  Lunch khichadi /dal rice/idli/dosa

Afternoon 2-3 pm    Milk

Evening 4-5 pm  Meal nacahni satv/semolina porridge/almonds porridge or any porridge

Night 8 pm Dinner dal rice/khichdi/ chapatti

Night 9 pm or before sleeping  Milk

Notes :

1. it’s must to cook rice , lentils, potatoes in the pressure cooker when you are making it for your one-year-old. As pressure cooker helps to make it soft and easy to chew.

2.Sugar is optional in all recipes. If you wish to avoid sugar add jaggery in porridge as a sweetener.

3.Always taste food before seving to baby for checking taste and temperature.

We hope you liked the meal ideas for toddlers and if you want to add any more ideas please suggest in the comments section.















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