Effective tips for massaging baby

massaging baby
massaging baby

After birth of my first child I got to know about massaging baby and its importance. I decided to massage my baby when she was one month old. It was exciting to take care of  little baby and learn new things. But I was anxious to handle her as she was very fragile. Slowly I learnt bathing , massaging her and then it was fun for me and  baby. Though initially it was difficult , latter  I could give her massage comfortably. Good thing is massage helps in emotional bonding of parent  with baby.  As she grew she  enjoyed taking massage and laughed, talked with me every day.

Massaging baby with any soft oil or baby oil is great in many ways. It helps to build immunity, develop muscle tone and coordination. Massaging will increase the baby’s food absorption and improves sleeping patterns. It increases blood circulation and can calm down baby as well.It’s always better to take advice of your doctor about massaging baby and when to start it for your baby. Now let’s see few useful tips to follow for massaging baby.

How to give massage to baby:

#1. Give massage to baby at least two times in a day. i.e. in morning before bathing and second time in evening before baby sleeps. If your baby or you not comfortable then give massage in the morning time only.

#2.Use any natural oil /baby oil /almond oil for massaging. Make sure massaging oil should not be with strong fragrance.

#3. Give milk or feed to baby at least before half hour of massaging. Baby should not be full or empty stomach when massaging.

#4. Keep your baby in comfortable position while massaging. I sat down on floor kept legs straight in front And let baby sleep on my both legs. I  used same position for massaging as well bathing baby for first 3 months.

#5. Take all things necessary for massaging near to you.( Things required for baby massage): Massage oil or the vegetable oil, tissues, cotton balls ,clean diaper and clothes .I used olive oil for massaging my babies.

#6. Be careful with your hands and nails .Don’t wear bracelet, rings while massaging baby and   also cut nails. As long nails may hurt baby accidentally while massaging.

#7.Use gentle strokes for massaging baby and make sure not to put excess pressure on baby’s body.

#8. Massage legs, hands in upward downward strokes and stomach in circular strokes, Massage on toes and palms as well. Then chest from center to outward direction .Gently massage on head, little cheeks, ears, nose and forehead.

#9. For massaging back make baby sleep on her tummy. Massage back from top to down and be careful on spine area.

#10. Entertain baby while massaging by singing or talking as baby may get bored and don’t want to take massage. So entertaining them becomes necessary while massaging.

If you have any techniques and tips to massage baby please share with us in comments section below.



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