Home remedies for cold and cough in children

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When a child falls ill,  it’s the toughest thing for parents to see their little one in pain. Cold and cough are commonly faced problems by children. There are various reasons like weather change, place change, allergies to certain things which can cause cold, cough in children. For comforting them some home remedies can be used. Many times these home remedies work wonder to bring back that shining smile back on a child’s face.

If your baby has nasal congestion along with cold then check this, for giving relief to him/her from discomfort caused by a stuffy nose.

My kids faced common cold many times and I followed few home remedies. These remedies helped them to feel better and recover faster from cold and cough. Always consult a doctor if the child is sick for many days and has a high fever along with the cold.

A cough and cold remedies for children :


Hot water steam works wonder for cold, cough. Add turmeric powder in steaming hot water and then inhale it. Turmeric is said to have heat and natural properties which helps in curing congestion caused by cold. Give steam in following the way to children in this way twice in a day. Make sure always to accompany your children while taking steam.

How to do:
Boil water in big pan or utensils.
Add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder in pan and seat near the pan.
Let kid seat on parents lap, holding kid firmly is necessary as she/he may touch the hot pan.
Finally, cover yourself and kid with a cotton bed sheet.
Take steam along with kids for 5-6 min.

# 2. Honey and ginger mixture:

Honey and ginger mixture is the very good home remedy. Ginger soothes the throat pain caused by a sore throat.  Give this mixture twice a day to a child  who has a cold, sore throat, and cough. This mixture helps to recover faster from cold  and cough. Even adults having cold and cough can take  it.

How to do:
Grate ½ inch ginger piece and squeeze out its juice.
Mix it with 1 tea spoon of honey and give two times in a day.

#3. Carom (Ajwain) seeds:

Carom seed’s aroma help to clear the cold. Important thing is that this aroma can be used for curing a cold in small babies also. Burnt carom seed’s aroma removes congestion caused by cold and cough.

How to do:
1. Heat the pan and add  2 tea spoons  of  carom seeds  on  it.
keep the flame on seeds will start burning and the aroma of it will start to spread.
2. Make a small (wrapped cloth) of roasted carom seeds and heat it a little.
Press it lightly on kid’s chest two times a day.

#4. Vekhand Paste (Sweet flag ):

Vekhand  / sweet flag is  very good remedy for cold and cough. And this remedy can be used for young babies also. Sweet flag powder  can be availed from Ayurvedic medicine shop.

How to do :
Make paste of 1 tea Spoon of with water.
Apply this paste on kid’s chest and forehead for few minutes.
Wipe out this paste after 6 to 7 minutes from chest and forehead with a wash cloth.
Repeat this for 2 times in a day.

# 5. Diet :

Don’t give anything cold to eat like ice-creams, milkshakes, curd and juices. As it may worsen the illness. Include more vitamin C rich soups in diet like tomato soup, Spinach soup. It helps for faster recovery in cold and also it increases immunity.

#6. Warm water

Use lukewarm water for drinking when kids have a cold, cough, throat infection. It helps to feel better when kids have throat pain because of more cough or infection. Warm water helps in curing a cold as well.

How to do:
Heat water up to lukewarm temperature.
Fill it in a thermos flask and use it as and when necessary.

#7. Ginger tea:

This ginger tea can be added to the cup of milk in 1 tea spoon quantity as kids don’t like the taste of ginger. Give this ginger tea 2-3 times in a day while  having a cold, cough or a sore throat.

How to do :
Boil cup of water in the pan.
Add one tea spoon of grated ginger in it.
Let it boil till it becomes half the quantity.
Add 2 tea spoon of sugar to make it sweet and boil for 2 more minutes.

#8. Vicks vaporub:

Apply Vicks vaporub on kid’s chest and back while sleeping. It helps to open a blocked nose and start normal breathing. Also, use this hot cotton napkin technique to recover from cold and cough.

How to do:
Fold cotton napkin and keep this on the hot pan  for few seconds (5 seconds) keep this hot napkin on kid’s head , chest, back for 2 seconds. Repeat it for 2 to 3 times.


Note : These are not medicines or can’t be used to cure the illness. Home remedies can be used to feel comfortable while getting cured from illness or help for faster recovery.













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