Fantastic four activities for toddlers


Activities for toddler
Activities for toddler

Toddlers want to play all the time and keeping them busy with toys, activities  is important. Also toddlers are more prone to accidents and thus we can’t leave them on their own. Adult supervision is always necessary for toddlers till they grow up to understand risks. Avoid giving these type of toys to toddlers sharp edge objects ,toys with small parts ,Small brick games ,dolls with hairs.These type of toys can cause harm o toddlers so for their safety avoid them.Some mommies have enlisted following activities to keep toddlers engaged. What  new toy to give for playing is difficult question as kids get bored with same toys and same activities.

Following are few activities to keep your toddlers engaged:

1.Building blocks

Playing with building blocks is perfect  option of keeping toddlers busy with creative designs. Provide them with interlocking building blocks which can be converted into any desired thing like house , towers, animals and cars. These activities for toddlers will serve the purpose of increasing the cognitive skills of kids and hand motor skills.


Creating different shapes using variety of materials is interesting activities for kids of all age groups. Try to give a medium  for making different shapes like  play dough is an example for the medium. Play dough can be shaped in any form. This will develop the creativity of kids into larger extents. Make sure to accompany your toddler while playing with play dough as kids may try to eat the dough.Give papers and ask to make shapes by tearing it.

3.Household activities

When mommy is busy in kitchen and doing household chores it becomes difficult to play with kids. Don’t worry while working in house you can give variety of options for playing to kids. Give set of utensils like spoons , bowls, glasses small plates to your kid and ask to make towers of it. Give some fruits and ask to differentiate and make sets of same things. Its  challenging as we ll as fun activity for kids. Counting things in house is one more activity for your kid .


Activities like arranging objects according to shapes and colours, completing a shape with interlocking puzzles, arranging paper pieces to get the full picture printed on the pieces etc. are simple examples of the mental ability activities of kids. Such activities will make the children to use their thinking capacity and logical skills, which later help them to have sharp brains and smart skills.






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