10 tips for dealing with baby’s cradle cap

My younger daughter has very sensitive skin and she had cradle cap when she was 2 months old. Cradle cap is skin problem mostly observed in infants and also known as seborrheic dermatitis, crust lactea, milk crust. It has symptoms like yellowish, patchy, greasy skin and rashes formed on baby’s head, eyebrow eye lid area. My baby has also these symptoms when she was 2 months old and her complete skin was red. She had dandruff on head and fore head area as well.  It was extremely difficult for us to see the little one in pain.

Initially I thought it’s some skin allergy and for precautions stopped using her baby soap, oil massaging. But it did not help and these scales started swelling slowly. The skin becomes very rough to touch and she started itching for relieving it. When I visited her paediatrician she referred a dermatologist for further consultation. After consulting dermatologist I started applying prescribed ointments on her skin. But it didn’t help her and worsened the patches. On second visit to dermatologist my baby has been diagnosed with cradle cap. It was very tough situation for us as my small baby has to go through the pain. We used all prescribed medicines /ointments for applying on skin and also mild shampoo, soaps, moisturizer for her .But the patchy scales were spreading on her hands and legs too.

And then doctor started steroids for treating cradle cap. By using steroid creams her skin got better and dandruff from her head also disappeared. But after stopping use of steroids the greasy patches appeared again .It happened repeatedly and thus she was given oral medications also.

It went on till my daughter was 11 months old and after every few day she had faces yellow, rough patches on her body. Every time we visited doctor I got to know few things about cradle cap and how to sooth baby having it.Good thing is cradle cap does not bother baby much except itching and it goes away as baby grows. My baby did not have this problem again after she was 1 year old.

Following are ways for soothing baby’s cradle cap problem:


Maintaining clean surrounding around baby is important as irritant like dust, fungus, and fragrance might cause irritation, rashes in baby’s skin. And when you are cleaning (Dusting, mopping, vacuum cleaning) take baby out of room and then clean room. Also increase frequency of cleaning room. This way baby can be less exposed to irritants. Poor hygiene does not cause Cradle cap but maintaining more hygiene helps to avoid skin irritations.


Make sure all baby clothes and other clothes near baby are of soft and good quality cotton fabric. Mother or care takers also should wear soft cotton clothes as baby gets exposed to their clothes. Clothes made up of polyester, chiffon, nylon may harmful for baby’s skin.

3.Don’t use

Do not use deodorants, perfumes, essence sticks, and air freshener near baby or in baby’s room. As it might be harmful for baby’s skin and worsen the cradle cap patches.


Make sure mattress, pillow, blankets, towels used for baby are not too old and should be washed, cleaned regularly. Also the cloth used for it should be cotton and soft. Old/ Dirty  mattresses , pillow  might  have  dust , fungus  in  it  and  it may be exact allergen to  cause irritation or rashes   in  baby’s  skin. Maintain clean bedding for baby and it will be of great help to avoid skin problems.

5.Cloth detergent 

Normal cloth detergents have harsh chemicals in them. Using normal detergent for washing baby clothes may be harmful for delicate skin of baby. So prefer using liquid detergent made for washing baby clothes’ these detergents are harsh chemical free.

6.Itch relieving creams

When  baby’s have  cradle  cap  they  keep  on  itching  the  skin .To stop this  itching    of skin and sooth  baby , use any dermatologist  prescribed  itch  relieving  cream    on cradle  cap affected area. I  used  itchcam  (itch  relieving  cream).

7.Winter clothes

If using winter clothes for baby make sure clothes are made from very soft wool.Some type of wool may cause itching and irritation in baby’s skin. Avoid  blankets made from wool  for covering baby  and use instead  cotton blankets. Cotton clothes wont cause irritation in baby’s skin.

8.Bath and massage

Avoid massaging  baby  as  massaging  skin  may  worsen  the  cradle  cap. Also  after    bathing baby  just  pat  dry her  skin using soft  cotton  towel  towel. While complete drying baby’s  skin  may  get  hurt.Its difficult to see  yellowish ,thick patches on her skin   but  it  can definitely  treated   with  some  care  and  medicines.

9.Use moisturiser

Apply prescribed/mild  moisturizer on baby’s skin everyday .Moisturizers  protects  baby’s  delicate skin and helps to heal cradle   cap .I used cetaphil moisturizer to keep baby’s skin soft and it helped in healing her yellow patches fast .






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