5 Tips for planning birthday party

birthday party
birthday party

Birthdays are most special occasions for the children. They wait the complete year for their birthday party .It’s special day when everyone around wishes and gifts them. Nowadays children are very specific about their birthday party and how it should be. My daughters have big lists for their respective birthday parties and they want it to be different and eccentric. So planning everything in a unique way becomes a challenging task.Many kids like theme birthday parties and the theme are especially dependent on their favorite cartoon character.

However you plan the party, important thing is, kids should enjoy the party. With some pre-planning and preparation Birthday party can be fun-filled and memorable for all. Just make sure to plan party few days before to avoid last minute hurry.

Here are few tips for planning birthday party:

1. Party place & Invites

Decide venue of the party and start preparations according to it. If you are planning part outside pre-book the place. Make sure to do all arrangements before hands. Plan handmade invites for the party. It’s great to make party invites at home. It saves money and great fun activity for the kids as well. Start designing invitation cards much before the party as invitations should be delivered prior to party with some time. Keep theme in mind e.g. If its princess birthday party decorate invitation with princes’ stickers/ pictures and purple, pink basic colors.

2. Involve kids in decorations

children are enthusiastic for the party. Assign tasks like to children as a part of preparation like wrapping gifts for guests, cutting banners, coloring them, cutting ribbons, collecting and arranging things required for party games and much more like that. Kids will enjoy these responsibilities given to them and many things will get done fast as well.

Decorating party place as per theme makes a party more fantastic. Go with the theme for decorating banners, balloons and cartoon character hangings. It’s a good idea to make party decorations at home with help of your kids. Not only it will save money but also kids will enjoy this art activity. It will give chance to make their favorite drawings, paintings for decorations. Cutting cards, papers, coloring it, decorating will boost your child’s creativity.

3. Plan kid-friendly menu  

Make sure to have your kid’s party menu kids friendly. Decide menu for the birthday party before hands. If you want to outside food, collect catalogs from restaurants, caterers. Final your menu and place order. If planning party at home on small-scale party food can be cooked at home. If cooking at home makes preparation in advance like cutting vegetables, fruits. Baking goodies like cupcakes, muffins, cooking or pizzas in advance. Arrange for drinks made up of fruit juices. You can make mock tails using juices like strawberry juice, orange juice or apple juice.

Birthday cake is like a crown of the party.It’s  important attraction for all children. Bake or order yummy theme based cake. Having fruits in a cake will be plus point. If baking cake at home includes loads of dry fruits and fresh fruits in it. Decorate a cake with kids and make it a family affair.

4. Fun games for kids

keep your guests entertained in the party plan some activities or games. You can hire a magician or balloon artist for hosting a birthday party. (But it might increase party budget.) Play games with your little guests to make party happening and entertaining for them. Or include activities like Tiara making, Writing a letter to a favourite cartoon, Jewellery making, painting, spelling contests.  You can also pamper your guests with nail arts, tattoos, henna designing etc.

5. Return gifts

Return gifts are important part of a birthday party. Plan your return gifts as per your little guest’s age group. Instead of buying anything make a small gift card or gift boxes at home. It not only elates your kid’s creativity but also saves money. There are many DIY videos available on YouTube for making such small decorative items.

Have a rocking birthday party and lifetime memory of it for you and your child.Please update your feedbacks in the comment section.




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