Month: May 2016

How to relax with home Spa

With our everyday life and routine we could hardly find time to relax and unwind .If you are mommy then getting free time for pampering yourself  is more  tough. Spas are best places to relax .But how many of us have that time to visit Spa and  then affordability is  […]

How I started exercising

I gained significant weight in my second pregnancy and postpartum period. The weight gain continued after delivery as well and that’s alarming situation.There were many things responsible for excess weight like the rich food diet , rest during pregnancy, no physical exercise. For including more nutritious foods in pregnancy my […]

Paneer butter masala recipe

Whenever I am upset or sad I head towards my kitchen. Kitchen is the most favourite place and where I could be only me. Experimenting with foods and serving it to kids is what I find very threptic and anti-depressant for me. It’s been said that eating your favourite foods […]

Pampers Active baby diapers review

I have used Pampers diapers for my baby since her birth. When she was infant her doctor suggested using these diapers for her. And since then I preferred using same diapers for her. Initially I was worried for selecting good diapers, correct size for my baby, but pampers solved this problem. […]

Trip to Kusu island

Once for the long weekend we’re searching places nearby Singapore and our search landed on Kusu Island. It’s an island located in the south of Singapore. It takes 40 min by ferry to reach Kusu Island.There are many interesting things associated with “Kusu Island” and the first thing is its […]