How to relax with home Spa?


With our everyday life and routine, we could hardly find time to relax and unwind. If you are mommy then getting free time for pampering yourself is more tough task. Spas are the best places to relax.But how many of us have that time to visit Spa? And spa’s charge big bucks for their services, So affording it often is difficult. So mommies,  why not to take a spa at home? Yes, you heard correctly we can have SPA at home. I tried this amazing home spa idea and in totally love with it.It feels great to seat and pamper  yourself with that extra care. It nourishes and refreshes your senses.

Don’t forget to to unplug from electronic gadgets while seating in spa. Whenever we get free time we get busy with our electronic gadgets. Excessive use of electronic gadgets like TV , laptop , smart phones, and tabs contributes to more stress. It’s necessary sometime to switch off from gadgets /world around us ,as always being plugged in may invite unwanted member and that’s stress. Now let’s see how it can be done by spending few minutes to pamper yourself.

Let’s get into a home spa with some useful information :

#1. Place :

Forget all work/ tensions/ worries for some time to feel relax and get all required things for you Spa.It depends on you what all things you need. Choose any favourite place of house to seat and relax .Select.any quite corner of house /near window , or balcony which is more peaceful to  seat and relax.Don’t prefer seating in front of television or any screen.

#2. Music :

Music plays vital role for relaxing your mood. So switch on your favourite/ soothing music . Must be only audio as video will divert attention. I always prefer instrumental music as I find it’s  very soothing .You can play any favourite music.

#3. Ambience:

Now time to create that Spa like ambience at your place.Take a glass of lemonade/fruit juice /any cold drink /soft drink to drink.(I like coconut water to drink in my home spa.) Light scented candles nearby. Aroma of scented candles has different effects on mood and it feels fresh and delightful with fragrance. Actually Its optional if you don’t like candles or have any allergy avoid this step. If you like reading  then takes a favourite / any book to read. I prefer reading book for some time as its good stress buster.

#4. Self- care:

Decide what you want to do in your home spa. You can select any combination from Skin care, leg care, hand care , face care. Pamper yourself with pedicure ,manicure or facial .I like pedicure more as it helps to soothe sore leg muscles.So here are more details about it.Take a warm bucket of water and pour few droplets of shampoo in it. Seat on a comfortable chair and keep your legs in warm water. Clean and pamper your legs with pedicure kit. If you like read your favorite book or instead of reading can go directly to some more self-care like applying face pack on face .

#5. Beauty:

Apply hair mask on your head and keep it for 30 minutes. Hair mask will make hairs strong, shiny and smooth. Also apply any choice of face packs on face. Applying face pack will clean and tighten face skin. Else go for massaging legs, hands and face with any choice of oil.Once you are done with it take bath with hot / warm water.

Enjoy home spa for at least  an hour once a while to feel fresh and start work again with more energy.Taking breaks from your daily routine really helps to get  relax and stress free.Though its difficult to find time once a while try Home Spa time and let us know in comments how did you like it ,  if you have any more ideas about it.Thank you.












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