Easy ways to prevent diaper rashes

Diaper rashes
Diaper rashes

if your baby is having diaper rashes frequently or cries after every time you make her wear diapers. Then you have to take some precautions for preventing diaper rashes. As its been said  “Precautions are better than cure “, always take some precautions while using diapers”. Keeping  baby bottom clean and dry helps avoiding diaper rashes.

Actually  using diaper for baby  can’t be avoided in certain situations , when you go out or during night when you are asleep.Frequent change of clothes is not feasible during night as it may disturb baby’s and your sleep as well. But if baby has rashes avoid wearing diapers and instead prefer cotton cloth diaper.Cotton cloth diapers are soft on skin and won’t cause irritation in skin.If using diaper is mandatory and its causing diaper rashes then it can be prevented.Good thing is diaper rashes can be avoided easily by following certain tips.Let’s check what are the precautions.

Precautions for preventing diaper rashes:

#1. If your baby has sensitive skin or  getting diaper rashes often use cotton pants or cotton cloth to cover instead of  diapers. Change these cotton pants frequently or  as and when soiled.

#2. Use baby moisturizer or cream before wearing her diaper. Baby cream protects skin from getting dry and prevents irritation.

#3. Wearing correct size of diaper is important. Always check your baby weight and buy diapers as per her age and size.Tight diapers can block air and cause diaper rashes.

#4. Try to use only one brand of diaper throughout. As changing brand of diaper frequently may irritate  baby’s delicate skin. Every brand has different fit, different feel and quality than the other. So sticking to only one brand helps for avoiding skin irritation.

#5. For protecting mattress always spread rubber mat covered with cotton bed sheet on it. Then keep baby on this bedsheet instead of keeping directly on mattress. Change bedsheet as and when need. In this way baby need not be wearing diapers always while on mattress and mattress also won’t get spoiled.

#6. Avoid baby wipes for cleaning baby’s bottom. As using baby wipes may cause of diaper rash or irritation in baby’s skin. Commercial wipes may contain alcohol and chemicals which can irritate baby’s skin. Instead use soft cotton wash cloth for cleaning baby’s bottom. Clean  baby bottom with cloth and water and if needed use mild soap.

#7. Wash infant’s diapers, clothes,  bedding, towels  and wash cloths separately from those of other household members. Use baby detergent for washing as normal detergents may have harsh chemicals. Residue of harsh detergents on cloth may cause skin irritations to baby.

#8.If your baby is toddler , then make her wear cotton pants often , which will also help in potty training.Tell your baby every time she/he wets the cotton pant “Your pant is wet and dirty , if you use toilet then it will  be clean”.Cotton pants are soft on skin and can prevent diaper rashes.

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