Cool tips for summer care

summer care tips
summer care tips

Its summer and atmosphere heat rising every day. More rises in outside temperature can cause problems like sun burns, rashes, dehydration and in worst case make you fall sick. We have to change our lifestyle and diet as per weather. It’s always good to take some precautions for protecting yourself from hot summer.Use some cool summer care tips to protect yourself from heat outside:

Following are tips for care in Summer

#1. Hydration:

During hot summer your body may loss water, salts because of excess sweating. Heat in atmosphere causes excess sweating. That’s why always keep you well hydrated. Take plenty of fluids like aam panna, fruit juices, coconut water, buttermilk, lassi along with normal water. Drinking these electrolyte rich drinks is important to maintain necessary salts in body. Always carry small water bottle while going out and take a sip of water as and when possible. Make sure to avoid drinking caffeine and tea.

#2. Diet:

During summer keep your diet simple and light to digest. Avoid oily and spicy food which is hard on digestion. Eat lots of seasonal fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, grapes, cucumber and mangoes. Watermelon, muskmelon and grapes have water in it. Make sure to include foods which have cooling properties, like cumin seeds, coriander seeds rock sugar, curd.

#3. Clothes:

In summer always wear soft cotton clothes. Also the clothes should be of loose fitting which allows air inside and prevents excess sweating. Wearing tight clothing may lead to more sweating and you may feel discomfort as well.Lighter colour shades also helpful to keep your body temperature low.Dark color clothes absorb more heat and cause sweating.

#4. Sunlight:

Avoid direct sunlight when sun is very harsh during summer. If possible avoid going out in afternoons or make sure to use umbrella for covering yourself. Use glares to protect eyes from harsh sun rays. Always cover your head with cotton cloth /scarves /caps /hats while going out to protect from harsh sun and UV rays. Using sunscreen lotion helps to avoid sun rashes, burning of skin generally caused by sun rays. So always apply sunscreen before going out.

#5. Cooling:

If possible use air conditioner or air coolers, fans in house for cooling. It helps to keep air cool and moving. During afternoons use curtains on windows/ doors or close them to avoid direct sunlight and hot loo.Taking cold shower twice a day helps to keep you cool.When you are sweating because of heat next time , don’t forget to take shower.Enjoy your summer and stay safe from heat.
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