How to teach children about gender equality

Gender equality parenting
Gender equality

There are many debates on the topic gender equality and people have different opinions about it. We have to show /teach the importance of gender equality to our children from young age. Parents want their children to have right values and early education on it is really helpful. House is the first place (School) where child’s education starts. Children have very strong observation and their learning process starts at very early age. When we discussed with fellow mommies about gender equality and how they are educating their children. Many mommies came out with interesting ways, which are helpful to teach children about gender equality.
Let’s see how we can help our next generation to learn gender equality:

#1. Fathers involvement in household work

Children learn to do many things by seeing their parents/ elders at home. When a child sees only mommy working for complete day at home he/she think household work is done my mommy. If fathers help mothers for doing household work children will learn to do the same. When fathers also cook or clean, children will try to follow it. And when they will grow up they will surely share all work with their partners. When we teach equality to children, women in the house won’t be worried for all household responsibilities.

#2. Education at School

Schools can educate children about right values and importance of equality and right values. As school is the place where children spend 8-9 hours of the day. If schools organize activity of wearing clean clothes/uniforms washed by students, or by giving a “Cleaning your house” .Children will learn to clean clothes / clean house or any similar activities. By these activities Children will learn to do their work on.
This project should include talk of few minutes about the given work? Children should explain the work and what are different ways to do it? These projects will help children to learn/ to share all responsibilities at house.

#3. Assign house work to children

We want to teach our children that only women should not be responsible for all household chores. And that’s why assign equal household work to your son and daughter. Start with small tasks like cleaning room, organising room, folding clothes to your .Teach all work like cooking easy recipes, cleaning to both your son /daughter.In this ways they will learn to be independent and also know the exact efforts necessary for doing work.These habits imbibed in childhood will be helpful to them lifelong.
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