Useful tips for traveling with baby

traveling with baby
traveling with baby

While traveling with kids what to carry and what not to is difficult question. If parents are traveling with baby/ infant then the list of things to carry along with will increase. As children may need anything from clothes to foods and from books to toys.At home everything which is necessary is available easily ,but while traveling parents have to take all necessary things.

Just do not be more worried if you are planning to travel with your kids. “Kids on board “is not that strenuous thing to do with few useful tips and pre – preparations.Make a list of few required things prior to traveling and keep all necessary things in kids bag/ hand bag.It’s better to carry separate bag for kids with all things ready in it.If they need anything you don’t have to search for it.

Here are few tips useful while traveling with your little  bundles of joy.

#1. Milk/Food:

If baby is on top feed, take baby formula milk / Fresh milk, Hot water / Luke warm water in thermos flask, milk bottles for feeding baby in hand bag. If your baby started with solids make sure to take all her baby food like cereal, biscuits  and fruits. For feeding food to baby take all necessary things  as well .Keep clean bowls, spoons, Water sippers, glass.

#2. Clothes:

Always carry extra cloth sets of baby to change if needed. Also Keep baby socks, caps, towels and blankets in hand bag. As baby may sleep any time and these clothes can be used at that time. Pack baby’s clothes as per weather of visiting place.If traveling in a winter then don’t forget to take winter clothes.

#3. Diapers:

Keep disposable diapers/Cloth diapers in stock. As any time more diapers may need. For cleaning purpose keep wet tissues, napkins, small towels, wash cloth. Keep empty polythene bags which can be used to keep soiled diapers, clothes.

 #4. Medicines:

Take necessary medicines of kids like medicines for fever, cold, cough, vomiting etc. Keep thermometer also in case of any need. It’s been said if traveling by car / bus avoids feeding milk to baby while seating in running vehicle. If possible feed baby and then start journey and whenever vehicle stops then prefer feeding milk. As motion of vehicle may cause nausea and vomiting.

#5. Things for Parents:

Extra clothes set of Parents /Caregivers in case if baby spoils their clothes. Keep plenty of snacks and clear drinking water for breastfeeding mother as she needs energy for feeding baby.If you are not feeding baby then also make sure to carry few snacks and separate water bottle for you.

#6. Bassinets:

While traveling by flights take baby bassinets as baby can seat, sleep in bassinets comfortably. Some flights provide bassinets for infants.Just traveller need to book it prior traveling. Or own bassinets can also be carried in flights just confirm with airlines for the same.

#7. Toys:

Keep small handy toys, flash cards, small books to keep baby occupied and entertain if she cries. Kids may get bored easily while traveling, as they don’t find anything for entertainment. Carry small and tiny toys like balls , dolls ,cars  which are your baby’s favorite.These favorite toys comes to your rescue when baby cry and don’t want to calm down.
photo credit: barnigomez Delfina via photopin (license)