Taking care of mother after birth

Pregnancy is important period  for mother and baby. And mothers should continue take care of their health after delivering baby  as well. Though its difficult to get used to new responsibility of baby and new routine for feeding baby. In pregnancy there will be some changes in body and it needs some time to recover and gain original strength. Like pregnancy it’s important to take care of diet , daily routine after delivering  baby as well. Taking extra care after delivering baby for few days helps mommy to heal faster and regain strength.

Taking care of  mommy  after delivery:

#1. Diet:

Taking care of what you eat is extremely important after giving birth to baby.Eat all nutritious food which is suggested by your health care provider.Include foods from all groups like fruits, vegetables, dry fruits enough carbs and proteins. Mommy who is breast feeding  baby , should eat  small meals after  every few hours for more breast milk production. Eat more vegetable soups, fruit juices ,lentil soups and milk ,as it’s been said that liquid food like this helps to boost breast milk supply. As mommy needs complete nutrition avoid starting dieting (for weight loss ) immediately after delivery. Foods like milk , dry fruits are high calorie foods but they help in boosting breast milk and ghee aids digestion. If you have already taken these foods in pregnancy, continue it for few more days and don’t cut these foods immediately after delivery.

#2. Stress:

Avoid any mental stress or reason for mental stress after giving birth.Stress not only affects mommy but also the new born baby.Stress can affect on breast milk supply also.

#3. Physical exercise

Avoid starting physical exercises just after delivery. Do not lift anything heavy for few weeks after delivery .Continue no lifting habit of pregnancy for few more days after delivering as well. Don’t worry too much for increased weight in pregnancy, as with breast feeding and proper diet and exercises weight loss is possible. Don’t start to work out immediately , enjoy this baby fat for few more days. Take some time to rest , relax and heal and then slowly start physical exercise/activity. Take suggestion from doctor/ physiotherapist before selecting exercises. As not all exercises are suitable for mothers.

#4. Massaging:

Do not worry too much about stretch marks, dark skin. As stretch marks can be lightened to some extent with natural oils , creams.If delivery is C-Section , avoid massaging tummy and lower back area. As c – section wound needs time to heal.For natural birth delivery mommy can start massaging with health care provider’s advice.Massaging helps to lighten dark skin, stretch marks  and tighten loose skin caused by increased tummy size in pregnancy.

#5. Rest:

For resting yourself take small naps in a day when baby is sleeping. As many new born sleep in a day and are awake till late night or till early morning. So mommy can’t get enough sleep at night. More rest is necessary for recovering from delivery.

#6. Take Help:

Try to take help in doing household chores from family, friends, helpers. Avoid excessive physical work just after delivering baby as you may get over tired.This is the period when mommy should take care of herself  for healing faster.
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