Essential items for your baby’s hospital bag

baby hospital bag

Welcoming your little bundle of joy is, to be cherished for lifetime moment and every parent want the moment to be most special. I was super excited for seeing my both kids as the 9 months wait got over on delivery day.

When I delivered my first baby it was 7 days hospital stay for me and baby. It’s important to get ready before few days before actual labor day and that’s why I packed mine and baby’s bag much before delivery date.But still there were few things missing in my bag.I needed mosquito net, hand sanitizers, rubber mats in the hospital but actually   it wasn’t packed in bag.And on time my family members has to rush for getting these things.It was my first baby    and I wasn’t well prepared for the hospital stay.I am well experienced now and I took all precautions for my second delivery.To avoid any inconvenience list down and keep all necessary things in  your baby’s hospital bag.Pack your and baby’s bag at least few days before your labor date.Following is list of things necessary for new born baby in hospital stay:

#1. Clothes

Take 6-7 new born baby clothes set, socks, mittens, caps for wearing it to baby.  I used front open cotton shirts as they are easy to wear on baby.Keep soft baby sweaters, jacket as per weather of the place.

For baby bedding take baby blankets, cotton spreads, baby pillow.

#2. Feeding

If baby needs to be on top feed take prescribed formula milk powder for baby.

For bottle feeding take 4-5 small clean, sterilized milk bottles.

Small bowls, spoons for feeding milk, if baby is not comfortable with bottles.

Take thermos flask for keeping hot /lukewarm water. It will be used for making formula milk.

For breast feeding take breast feeding pump, comfortable pillow to use it while feeding baby.

#3. Diapers

Make sure to have disposable diapers of correct size in your baby’s bag. Always check for size of diapers and take only new born baby size. Keep soft and clean cotton cloth diapers as well in case of necessary.

Keep this other necessary clothes like small cotton napkins, wash clothes, for cleaning baby.

Keep diaper cream, diaper bag and polythene bags for throwing soiled diapers.

#4. Miscellaneous

Dropper for giving medicines this dropper can be used for giving milk as well to baby in initial days if baby is not comfortable sucking with bottles.

Keep mosquito net, mosquito liquidator for protecting from mosquito.

Rubber mat to spread below bed sheet on the bed. It helps to protect mattress.

Take Wet wipes, soft tissues and hand sanitizer to sanitize hands before taking baby in your lap.There might be many visitors at hospital to see you and baby and hand sanitizer will be useful for them as well.


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