Trip to Singapore zoo

I visited wonderful Singapore zoo few days back and this post is retrospect of the visit. I feel nature is the best place to destress, rejuvenate and refresh. Whenever I visit Singapore Zoo the serene beauty of the place and its awesome residents never fail to exhilarate me. Capturing the moments in camera, is just a tiniest try to make it for my memoirs. The visual effect of the place is greatest than any animated man made movie. I have captured numerous pictures of the zoo animals, birds and other attractions and hope that the readers will like it.

Alert: And this is going to be the super long post.

Singapore zoo is known for many of its features and residents. Millions of visitors come every year  to see the attractions offered by zoo. It’s the home for variety of animal, species, birds, reptiles. Instead of cages Singapore zoo provides similar to forests residences to their residents and it makes it more natural. Animals are kept in spacious, landscaped enclosures separated from the visitors by dry and wet moats. The moats are concealed with vegetation or dropped below the line of sight. Dangerous animals that can climb well are housed in landscaped glass-fronted enclosures.

Singapore zoo has largest colony of orangutans and  also has colourful butterflies, peacocks and variety of birds (There is dedicated bird park for birds at Singapore). One can find scorpions, white tiger, lions, cheetah, baboons and monkeys in special sections.  It has Crocodile, gharial, variety of fishes, dolphins, cobras and many reptiles. Also it’s the first zoo in the world to breed polar bear. Polar bear has Antarctica like home made for it. It’s first time I saw polar bear in real life. This bear is very friendly and entertains all visitors very well.

We visited almost all sections in the zoo and generally it takes complete day. The map provided at entrance of Singapore was of great help to find more details about the ttarctions. After polar bear we visited Giraffes, rhinoceros and reindeers. For my daughter it was sheer bliss to see this giraffes which she has seen in only cartoons. She couldn’t believe her eyes that such a tallest creatures exists in real life.

Then we attended shows performed by animals. It’s very popular. “Elephants at work and play: show by Singapore zoo. And no extra ticket required for this show. After that we attended dolphin’s performances and it was amazing to see intelligence of dolphins.Dolphins are carefully trained by their trainers and it reflects in their performances.There are other shows as well and for attending it follow the time table provided at entrance of the zoo.Singapore zoo has innumerous things to offer for its guests and it’s must visit place.I often visit this place with my kids and we learn many new things with every visit.Thanks for reading the post. Do let us know your feedbacks in comments.







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