9 steps guide to bathing newborn baby

Bathing newborn baby
Bathing newborn baby

Many mommies are scared to handle the newborn baby while bathing , but don’t worry as babies enjoy it. New born babies love water as it reminds them of the cosy, watery world of the mother’s womb ,so bathing makes them happy. Generally bathing newborn baby has to be start once navel gets healed. Sometimes it  takes   3-4 days after birth or sometimes on second day itself  bath is given to baby. But it is always good to take  your doctor’s  advice  before starting bathing newborn  baby.

Here are few easy tips to make bathing joyful experience for your newborn baby:

1. Newborn baby has to handle with more care.Get all required things ready for bathing baby. (as getting things while having baby on  your lap is difficult.)

Following are general things required  while  bathing baby (It may vary):

  • Two soft cotton towels ,
  • Cotton balls,
  • Gentle baby soap/ Baby wash
  • Besan (Bengal gram powder) and milk paste, (Optional)
  • Lukewarm water,
  • Bath tub (Optional)

You can bath baby on your legs as well. For that purpose make her sleep on your legs and give bath.

2. Lower baby in tub so that her head rests on your hand. Wash her upper body properly and make sure to wash between neck and arm, below arms. Clean her tummy area carefully. Bathing helps in better blood circulation and it will soothe muscle pain.

3. Apply Baby wash / (Bengal gram powder + milk +pinch of turmeric powder) on complete body of baby. (Besan helps to remove hairs on baby’s body if any). Rub gently and then Wash it with lukewarm water.

4. Wash hair and head while gently massaging. Clean area behind her ears, nose using cotton balls. Apply soap on neck, stomach, chest, hands wash it with water while massaging. Wash babies palms twice as many babies suck fingers so cleaning them becomes necessary.

5. Carefully clean diaper area and legs. Baby’s diaper area needs to be cleaned carefully. It may get rashes if not cleaned properly.

6. Then make baby sleep on her tummy for washing her back. As I gave bath to baby by keeping her on my legs, it was easy to make baby sleep on her tummy.

7. Apply baby wash / soap on her back and legs to clean them. Wash back carefully and pour water. Finally cover baby completely and tightly with soft, cotton towels.

8. Soak water on her body by pat drying with towels, before wearing clothes.Switch off Fan, AC, and Cooler in a room where baby will wear clothes after bath.

9. Apply mild baby moisturiser and wear soft cotton clothes to your baby.I used cotton front open shirts and cotton diaper for my baby till she got 6 months old (As per outside weather select type of clothes for your baby ).Cotton clothes are soft on babies delicate skin help to avoid rashes. Bathing has many health benefits and your baby will sleep more comfortably after bath.

photo credit: Matthieu Luna Que j’y suis bien! ( Explore ) via photopin (license)


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