Mama earth India products review

What is mama earth

“ Mama earth is  start-up by the parents ,for the parents which exists to solve seemingly little problems of young parents by providing certified toxin free, international standard products.”

Curious parents researched and invented Mama earth brand for their first baby. As they found  difficulty to get  safe , natural and toxin free products  in market. Most of the products  in India are not safe for babies and may have toxins in them.

Mama earth is honest ,natural and safe for all. It offers  the products which are 100 % toxin free and perfectly gentle for you. Most important thing about them is products  are made from all natural ingredients. And Mama earth is the  first  “Made Safe”  Certified brand in Asia.

Mama Earth Products– My Review

I was sent two products by mama earth India for product review. Apple cider vinegar  and traditional recipes tea are specially made for mommy. Though using these products for longer time would show its effects and  benefits on health. I have used these products and here is detailed product review for it.

Mama earth tea
Mama earth tea


1.Traditional  recipes tea

Actually I  am hard core tea lover and like to take tea whenever I feel tired or low. Mother hood bring many changes in us and I stopped drinking tea when I was pregnant .I had to extend it  when I was  breast feeding after child birth.  In my confinement  period I preferred healthy options to tea like fennel tea, ginger tea.

Traditional recipes tea from mama earth has all natural herbs used for making it. It is made using fennel seeds, mint leaf, ginger root, and nettle leaf and fenugreek seeds. Many herbs like fennel seeds , ginger, fenugreek are used in pregnancy, confinement period for more health benefits.  What’s better if you are getting tea packed with goodness of all these amazing herbs? This herb tea has calming, soothing effect. I wish I could have got this Traditional recipes tea in my confinement period.

As this tea is 100% natural herb based, safe for both mamas and mamas-to-be. It is helpful to strengthen immune system and protect from all the infections. Herbs used in tea aid in digestion as well. Herb tea must be properly prepared and all directions for making it  are provided on outer pack  of tea.

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar


2. Apple cider vinegar

I had been looking for this product and when mama earth sent it I was more than happy. Actually apple cider vinegar is wonderful tonic and it has many health benefits like, effective for weight loss, good for skin, and digestion. It can help cure high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes as well.

It is good to Increase energy levels and for improving immune system.  Organic apple cider vinegar by Mama Earth is made to assist in weight loss. It is naturally fermented from Certified Organic Himalayan Apples. It is raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized, preserving live cultures known as the ‘Mother’ to keep enzymes and nutrients intact. With New Zealand’s Manuka Honey, Turmeric, and ginger, this product naturally assists in healthy metabolism and weight loss. Actually ingredients like  turmeric and ginger used since many generations to boost metabolism after child birth. Important thing to note is this product is completely free of Artificial Colors and Preservatives.

All natural ingredients in this Apple cider vinegar make it more effective. I liked the apple cider vinegar taste and hoping to use it regularly to lose my excess weight. The product comes with prefect packing and all necessary instructions written on it.


The above mentioned Mama Earth products have priced 599 INR each and can be bought from Mama earth website easily.

This post is sponsored post by Mama earth.  #traditional recipes



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