Happiness lies within you


Today’s post is from mommy’s diary and it’s not about any tips or tricks. It’s just one pleasant, simple experience.

I happen to meet a lady few days back in a playground .I go to playground every day in the evening, where my children play with their friends. One fine evening I saw this lady on a bench near playground. Being talkative I couldn’t resist myself from interacting with her. She was having fur balls in her hand and was busy in crocheting lovely, colourful scarf. (I was very curious to    know more about crocheting, which I always fascinated about but never tried.) I approached her for introduction and with no time we knew many things about each other. (You know two women can’t keep mum and we’re not an exception.) She shared many things about the beautiful art crocheting and how she learnt it for making little sweaters. It was wonderful chatting with her and after that we met regularly at same place. Every day she used to bring something with her as a pass time. Sometime I saw books (by many authors not known to me ), Sometimes creatively written recipe book collection , Sometime she brought home cooked tasty snacks, which she distributed amongst kids in playground. Over the period of time we became good friends and she taught me various snacks recipes, basic crocheting and henna drawing. I visited her house nearby over a coffee and got to see vast collection of books, musical instrumental cd. I got to read many of the books as I love reading. She likes listening and playing music and can play sitar (Musical instrument). She can cook variety of cuisines including continental and international dishes (Which she learnt for her family members) .This lady never failed to surprise me with her knowledge about various arts and hobbies.

Many times I got wonderful wishes and quotes from her on WhatsApp (as we chat on phone as well). Every day I waited for evening as I could meet her.

Being parent of two active kids I get drained many times and lose my patience. I discussed my thousand problems with her and she solved every problem within seconds. After discussion with her every time I felt so light and so empty. The problem which was big disaster for me gets resolved by her easily. After our meeting I felt there wasn’t any problem at all, it was just my fear, anxiety for the situation. Over the time I realised I didn’t have any problem and it was just unnecessary stress.

I am amazed by her multi-talented personality, knowledge and number of arts she knew. She pursues all her hobbies with lots of love, patience and care. I never saw her tired, exhausted or bored (Like meJ). She is always full of energy and ever smiling person. I always got many parenting advices, techniques to handle kid’s tantrums from her.

Now can you guess what the age of lady is, try at least. Is it 36? 45? 53?     This charming lady about whom I am talking about is only 65 years old who knows how to rejoice life. She is mother of three children who are settled in their lives. This lively lady wants to grow up again with her 6 cutest grandchildren to whom she loves most. Her visits to playground were meant for seeing and knowing kids of her grandchildren’s age. Her grandchildren   are away from her but she connects with them every day on skype calls and chats. Aunty is mentor, teacher, and counsellor for her daughter and daughter in laws (Similar like me). She loves to discuss and resolve their problems.       Beside this Aunty likes playing with children, Baking, gardening, painting, and making crochets. (oh my god , the list is really long, isn’t there anything on earth  which she doesn’t know or haven’t tried to learn.. ) In short she makes out of every second of her life .At this is age she is great learner and have long list of things she want to learn and try. Aunty has managed to keep child inside her alive, she relishes everything in her life, her children, family, work, responsibilities, hobbies, problems, illness ,troubles and situations. Isn’t she great person?

I always wondered how can aunty be always cheerful, energetic and happy and so I asked her one day,  “How can you have answer of my every question? Aunty how do you manage to be so peaceful, patient  and calm all the time? And from where do you bring so much of  energy and time to pursue your interests? “


Generous lady smiled and replied (to my 1000 questions J )to me that she doesn’t have any specific magic  wand (or skill ) for being happy but she believes in inner happiness. She follows the wonderful quote “I am responsible for my own happiness.”  And that’s why she does everything possible to keep herself happy, content. She thinks no one else can latch happiness from you, if you decide to be happy.  Life is beautiful journey which should not affect with any problem, any situation or person.

She thinks happiness lies in person’s attitude and it’s absolutely true.  This is something we all can work on. At the end of day what we want from our life? The answer is Happiness, but are we really happy with our life? Most of the people have answer NO, and the reasons for it are absolutely invalid, there can’t be any reason to be unhappy.

We know these things but yet we need someone who can make us realise it. And for me it’s my angel aunty. Simple meeting with this lovely lady makes me realise importance of being happy.  I wish god bless her always and she could spread the same happiness for years.




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