Preserve your kids’ Artwork using Apps

kids artwork
kids artwork

Every other day Sara brings a colourful piece of paper from her school. She shows it to me with her tiny hands.Actually, for her, it’s   not only a paper, but it’s her 2 hours hard work.I absolutely adore these art pieces made by my tiny miny munchkin.                                                                                                                                                Her eyes shine when she says “Momma momma look what I made today?  Taaa daaaaa its strawberry painting! ”

I ask her “Wow, did you make it? ”

And she proudly nods her head saying “Yes !! ”

I ask her “Will my little pumpkin teach me how to make it? ”

And she replies “Oh you are so big momma and still you don’t know how to make a strawberry painting? ”

And I Say “Yeah baby, I learned in school but now I forgot it.You teach me now and I’ll also be able to draw beautiful drawings and paint them like you do.. ”

I tap her back with lots of proud and she smiles back with cute thanks. And the discussion continues while coming back from the school every day. She tells about her artwork, games, and friends in the school. It’s interesting to listen her report at school. I drop and pick her to the school as it’s nearby.

Sara had done a lot of paintings in last one year and I collected all her artwork. I store them in a box. Both my daughters like drawing and painting. So obviously my house is full of colorful drawings and paintings. But with the time I  find it difficult to preserve all papers. I lost many of the papers while shifting house. And sometimes kids being kids they take their paintings for playing also.

I adore my kid’s creations and want to preserve their artwork forever. These are sweet memories for me and my kids, so I was searching options for preserving the kid’s artwork and came across these wonderful Apps. These Apps have user-friendly interface and many interesting features. It’s easy to use and you can save your kid’s all artwork. I am using APP  canvsly , which can be downloaded on a smartphone to preserve artwork by kids.Here are few Apps which can be used for same purpose. Download any App and archive all the artwork by your kids.



3.Art my kid made






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