Essentials for the beach vacation

beach vacation
beach vacation

Both my kids are fascinated by everything about beaches. They love to play in sand, water, make sand castles, go on boat rides so on.So recently we went for a beach vacation to Phuket in Thailand. Phuket is the awesome place and extremely family-friendly destination. It’s memorable trip for us.Phuket has beautiful tropical beaches around and the perfect place for beach vacations. It’s important to be more prepared if you are visiting beaches. Generally, before planning any trip we check how family-friendly the place is? Being parents of two small kids we always collect more information about the place to visit. While traveling with kids we can’t get over exhausted by visiting each and every place. So we select few of the attractions (which are more convenient to visit with kids) at the place to visit.The list is long about many Do’s and Dont’s with kids. If you are planning your family vacation on beach, Here are few things to take along with you on your beach vacation.Have a joyous vacation !!

1. Clothes

you are thinking about what to wear on the beach? It’s simple and good news is – Beaches are the perfect place to relax as it doesn’t need luxury clothes, makeup or accessories. (I absolutely love beach vacations for this reason) Just be relaxed and be yourself on your beach trip. Carry your comfy clothes ((Beachwear dresses/shorts – tees /kaftans), Bikini, sundresses, big hats and off course slippers. Shorts and tees are sufficient for kids. Make sure to have the extra set of clothes for all every time you visit the beach. (As your clothes may get wet or spoil after playing on the beach.) That’s all is absolutely sufficient in the clothes department.

2. Food

Every place you visit may or may not have food stalls. And if these places have food stalls, we can’t guarantee hygiene, the safety of it.And kids can start throwing tantrums anytime anywhere. It’s better to be prepared for little one’s hunger pangs while going out. Have some light snacks and clear water bottles ready by your side. Keep a stock of dry finger snacks (chips, biscuits, cookies) in your bag.

3. Swimwear

Swimming is great exercise and it’s wonderful to swim in the sea. Many people love swimming on beaches and that’s their main purpose to visit beaches. If you are swimmer get ready with your swimwear bag for your next beach visit. Make sure you have taken swimwear, swimming goggles, caps, shower gel, towels sets, extra clothes set in your swimming bag. Keep few polythene (plastic) bags to use for keeping wet clothes, towels.And it can be used for throwing garbage also.

4. Accessories

Few accessories are must have while visiting beaches. Use your Sunglasses (It’s big must have )to protect eyes from harsh sun rays (UV rays ) on the beach side. Islands can have rain anytime in a day and that’s why always carry an umbrella or raincoats (unless you are planning to get wet in a rain. It’s very difficult to roam around for a complete day in wet clothes for sightseeing. We have faced this problem two times.). Have pair of light sleepers as a footwear.

5. Electronics

Take your camera, phone, tab, headphones, power banks, selfie sticks. Make sure you have a waterproof Case( bag or cover ) for protecting your electronic stuff. If you are planning to take your smartphones in water while swimming or snorkeling carry protecting case for it.

6. Miscellaneous

Take some beach toys, balls to keep kids engaged on the beach. Take mats to spread on the beach for seating. Hand sanitizer, tissues, hand towels are necessary especially when you are with kids. Take your sunscreen lotions without fail, as beachside may have harsh sun rays which can cause rashes on the skin.

Camping on beach
Camping on beach

7. Camping:

Overnight stay on the beach is a different experience and equal fun as well. Camping helps you to disconnect with the world and get closer to nature. If you are planning for camping and staying back on the beach you need to be more equipped. Take all necessary things for your stay like a tent, sleep mattress, lightweight blankets, anti-mosquito bite lotion, air pillows, torches. For food section ,get ready with barbeque kit and all ingredients to cook. Pack coal bags and sufficient water bottles also.Have plenty of dry snacks for your hunger pangs.

Enjoy your family vacation on the beach and let us know about it in comments section. Stay tuned to Hellomomy for more interesting updates.






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