DIY toys using disposables

” I don’t have anything to play with ” Is the sentence from a child, who has a room full of toys. It’s very common sentence by children nowadays. As they have loads of toys and get bored of playing with them. So every time when the child wants to have a new toy, what do you do? Buying toys every time they want new, isn’t the feasible way. So here we are with the interesting DIY toys using disposables. Generally, every house has the disposables and it can be used for making toys. Have you thought about it?

ball shooter
ball shooter

1.DIY: Ball shooter

We made this cute ball shooter using few available things at home. Kids got a new toy to play with it. And since last two days both of them have become shooters and the whole house is filled up with balls.

What you need:
1.Disposable glass 1
2.Balloon 1
4.Tape for sticking
5.Small plastic balls

Procedure :
1. Cut the glass in the circular shape at the bottom using scissors.
2.Sticks balloon at the cut portion of glass using sticking tape.
Ball shooter is ready. Put the ball inside and pull balloon for shooting it. leave the balloon and see the ball getting shoot in the air.

2.DIY: Frisbee disc


We made frisbee to play with. It’s useful toy and kids can play with it comfortably. It’s easy to make toy using disposable plates with edges.

What you need:
1.Disposable plates 2
3.Glue for sticking
4.compass attached with pencil

Procedure :

Draw the circle at the center of one plate using compass and pencil.
Cut the circle on the plate.
Stick two disposable plates on each other on edges using glue.
frisbee is ready to play with throw it and catch.


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