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Many people ask me, Why do I blog? and why not doing software development? (which I suppose to do as per my education) So here is the answer to the question. How did I start blogging? it’s another interesting story.

I was working with Tata consultancy services back in India. My office was the world’s best place to work. As it was the most wonderful work environment and supportive colleagues(If I wouldn’t have been blogging then I would have been in the same company now). Siya was 1 year old and I could comfortably manage my work and family. In 2011  my husband moved to Singapore for his office project. It was the very disappointing thing for me, as I had to move with him. I didn’t want to leave my job and go away from my parents. After a number of rounds of discussions, somehow he convinced me to come to Singapore. It was decided that I’ll be with him for few months and then we’ll return back to India.

I resigned from my job and joined my husband in Singapore. No doubt it was the fantastic experience to be housewife and mommy to little Siya. I could give full time to her which wasn’t possible in the past. I enjoyed playing with her for most time of the day. But I felt boring when she slept in the afternoon. And I was new to the place so hardly had any friends. It was the first time in my life that I felt empty and lonely. I started reading the blogs and books, which I couldn’t do because of my work in the past. I always love reading, but couldn’t read more. As I was working and after coming back household things and Siya kept me total occupied. Reading blogs became my favorite pass-time. I felt an urge to write something like other bloggers. But I hardly had any knowledge of the blogging at that time. I started writing a diary about interesting things, Siya’s milestones and travel experiences. But again writing anything and maintaining it was a tough task. This is when hubby came to help and suggested me to start blogging. He was quite sure, that I could write. But I was afraid of doing anything. I didn’t have any knowledge about the blogging and worried about disliking of a blog by others.

During my pregnancy and after having baby I had many questions and doubts. I was naive and wanted to have a guidance about the baby care, pregnancy ,delivery. So I thought there might be many women like me who need the information and suggestions. So why not to blog down the information I collected ? I started writing small blog posts about pregnancy, delivery , baby care which I collected from fellow mommies. I noted down my experience of raising a child. I thought it might be useful for a mommy like me somewhere.

My friend  Veena and hubby helped me to materialize the things. And  I started a blog in year 2013. I learnt website designing from few tutorials and designed the I posted all my  written articles on it. I worked mostly when Siya slept. It was interesting to learn something new and I enjoyed every step of it. But I didn’t knew that my blog wasn’t presentable and there were many mistakes as well. The blog didn’t have any social media presence and proper SEO, but I was happy to post the contents.

Then I  had to take the break from blogging for few months as my second child was born. I couldn’t give much time to blog and discontinued its extension.I continued my favorite thing during this time as well- yes it’s reading. I read loads of blogs written by talented writes across the world during this period.

I started writing again in 2015 and this is when I decided to transfer all information on BlogSpot. It was the easy and free option available. Hellomomy was more specific as I learnt many things from my previous failures. I started receiving accolades from many readers. It was pleasing for me to know that people like my blogs on Hellomomy. I got a chance to work on some assignments by renowned brands as well. During this time I met a lady who happened to be marketing professional and she suggested me to  have a own domain for the blog . Kind lady provided some tips and this is when I started working for own domain.

I was getting good page views of around 12k+ on But as suggested by many readers and friends I decided to go for own domain. I selected blue host as the host provider and launched in January 2017. I learned WordPress and designed the current blog. I knew web technologies like CSS, HTML and could implement changes as per my expectations. Migrating contents from BlogSpot to WordPress was quite easy, but I had to spend hell lot of time on formatting. It was too time- consuming, but somehow I managed to do it. If I would have done it back in 2013, then I could have saved lots of time. Which I could give for writing the posts. Finally my own blog is ready and it looks lovely. (we like our own creations and It’s obvious :-).Jokes apart but Hellomomy is  liked by others as well.)I post about parenting, pregnancy, baby care and nutrition. I post my favourite recipes on the blog for readers and my future reference. It’s liked by many people  and I’m grateful for all the love from the readers.  Hellomomy  gets 10k+ views every month and appreciating  comments as well. I don’t take the statistics seriously ,As the happiness of sharing information is more important for me.

When do I work on the blog:

Hellomomy is my third child (This is what my hubby says to me:-) )and I give the fullest attention to it as and when I find time from mommy duty. When my both kids go to school I work during the day. And when kids go to sleep at night I start my work. I work until 2 pm generally.(Can’t exceed this time though I want to, as next morning my children go to school and I have to get them ready by 8 a.m.).I wish I could get some more time 🙂

Guests on the blog:

I’m grateful for all the talented guests for contributing their work and making Hellomomy more colorful.

Tips for new bloggers:

If you are serious about blogging then go for own domain from scratch. Invest and go for own domain on a good host provider service.)As migrating contents latter might be time-consuming). Also, you will save time for formatting.

Have your social media presence and post your work on it regularly. Social media presence will give you more visits.

Post all quality contents regularly and there no stopping for you.

So it was all about my blogging journey so far. It’s the most special thing happened to me. I learned 10000 things during this journey, met extremely talented people, got many wonderful friends across the world and the confidence in myself. Yes! When someone appreciates my work I feel more confident and content. I wish I could do a lot and make Hellomomy more useful and colorful for all.

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