6 Baby care tips during rainy season

monsoon care
Monsoon care

After days of scorching sun and hot loo finally monsoon is here. It’s raining everywhere and atmosphere is pleasant and cool. Though it’s extremely soothing mommies of little babies might get  worried. As rainy humid season  may cause  cold, cough ,flu to their little one. Because of continue or heavy rain atmosphere becomes moist, humid. And it boosts the growth of illness-causing germs. Young babies have low immunity and are more prone to infections or illness. It’s always better to take precautions after weather change. Here are some quick and easy ways to take care of your little baby during monsoon.

6 Tips for baby care during monsoon :

1.Drinking Water :

Monsoon is the season of water born diseases. Because of continuous rains drinking water from tap might get contaminate/polluted .So be very careful with the drinking water. So always take care of your baby’s drinking water. Boiling helps to kill bacteria so  boil water and let it cool down to room temperature. Pour this water in a bottle and give this boiled and cooled water to your baby. If you are going out always carry your baby’s water bottle.If you are giving formula milk to your baby then use this same water for making formula milk.

2. Food:

(If your baby is older than 6 months and already taking solids) Digestion may become slow during the rainy season. Give only freshly cooked easily to digest food to your baby.E.g.Vegetable soups, khichadi, rice kanji, semolina kanji.

3.Skincare :

For bathing your baby use antiseptic soap or liquid. (Detol drops in bathing water helps to kill bacteria ).During rainy season baby’s skin may become dry, apply baby moisturizer twice a day to protect her skin.

4. Protection from Mosquitoes:

During rainy season because of the humid, moist weather mosquitoes grow. Mosquito bites may cause disease like Malaria.Use anti- mosquito liquidators at home for protection against mosquitoes. While going out cover your baby properly.

5. Baby Clothes:

Though it’s not winter the temperature will be on lower side. Use full cotton pants ,shirts, full rompers to  cover your baby completely. Keep your baby warm. as baby may get cold and cough. Make sure all baby clothes including bedding are cleanly washed and dried. Pour few drops of detol in water while rinsing clothes.Parent/ caregivers clothes should always be clean while carrying baby.

6. House hygiene :

Babies love to play ,crawl,jump so always keep your house clean. It will help to keep mosquitoes, flies,insects and dirt away. Pour few drops of detol in the water and sweep your house floor using this water.Keep two camphor bricks in one bowl in your window. And pour two drops of eucalyptus oil on it. It prevents mosquitoes and other insects entering into house. Always carry small umbrella, rain coat to cover your baby, if you are going out.Have a happy rainy season with your little one.Please provide your feedbacks and suggestions in the comment box below.



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