3 Fashion Mistakes that Can Make You Look Ten Years Older

As women age, they tend to gravitate toward age-appropriate clothing, often giving up their individual style for outfits that aren’t always exactly flattering. In fact, in trying to adopt a more sophisticated fashion sense, many women end up making fashion mistakes that make them look much older than they really are.

There’s a fine line that separates a well-crafted individualistic look from one that screams style rut from top to bottom. Check out if you’re making any of the following outfit mistakes that could be adding years to your look.

Wearing clothes that are too loose or too tight

The purpose of a garment should be to flatter your body rather than hide it under layers or stick with your skin and make you uncomfortable. While most women know how baggy clothes can be so aging, not many want to do away with tights, miniskirts and body-hugging blouses that could be making them look unshapely or ill-at-ease.

Regardless of your age or body shape, midi dresses, well-cut midi skirts, and comfortably chic blouses are great choices for women who love to sport evergreen and timeless personal style. Wear long skirts and maxi dresses if you must, but consider if they make you look frumpy or wider at the waist.

In addition, take a good look at your workout clothes and lounge wear—simple, well-fitted tops and bottoms are any day a smarter choice than oversized tracksuits or your partner’s old tees.

Wearing ill-fitting or worn-out lingerie

How your lingerie fits and how it makes you feel are both important aspects of personal styling. If you’ve stopped paying heed to the quality and comfort of your innerwear, it’s time to make a change.

Wearing well-fitted innerwear drastically improves your appearance by fixing issues such as sagging, bulging, and lingerie lines. Aside from buying brasseries and knickers of the right size and fit, ensure to replace worn-out lingerie before it starts to pull down your look.

Adding some sassy underclothing to your wardrobe will refresh and revitalize how you feel about yourself. If you’ve been wearing the same bra style for years, get out of your comfort zone and make use of advancements in lingerie with soft scoop neck bras that are way more comfortable and provide seamless support all day long without poking your skin with wiring or elastic bands.

Choosing the wrong accessories or reluctance to evolve your choices

Right from how you style your hair, the jewelry you sport, the purse you carry, and the type of heels you sport, everything has an impact on your overall appearance. Unfortunately, most fashion faux pas is made by women trying to look younger, while looking great is all about wearing outfits that feel like second skin.

Say no to outdated jewelry and platform heels, try new colors, ditch grandma-style clothing, stop sharing your teen’s outfits, sport a well-kept hairdo, keep evolving your wardrobe, stop following fashion trends and cultivate your distinct style—and you’ll never hear that you look too old for your age.


  1. Good points! Nicely presented 🙂

  2. Proper dress sense with right accessory is important, be it a man or a woman.

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