4 Must visit places in Phuket Thailand

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Golden smooth sand, crystal clear water, tropical beaches, roaring waves, green mountains, you just name it – And Phuket has everything that any beach destination should have. It’s one of the most popular destinations for travelers across the world. We recently had a trip to Phuket and we visited some of the most popular attractions there. It was a wonderful family trip and adventurous break for all of us. We did snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, swimming and jetski rides on the beaches in Phuket. In our four days trip, we visited the Fantasea show, Phang Na Sea, and Buddha temple and phi phi islands. (Please find detail post about Phi Phi Island on the blog.)

1. Fantasea show – cultural theme park

We reached Phuket in the afternoon. On our very first day at Phuket, we visited the Fantasea(Cultural show) show. It’s located at Phuket festival village and it took 20 minutes to reach the place. It welcomes its visitors with the giant entrance. And says “Welcome to the palace of elephants”. We trolled around to take a few pics of the place before entering the venue. A festival village is a beautiful place which has restaurants, theatre, and local stalls, small ponds with fountains. It’s a delight to see colorful water fountains at night. The stalls are full of local goodies like jewelry, clothes, bags, toys, footwear and gift items. I absolutely love the stone jewelry and couldn’t resist buying a few of them from these shops.


The real fun was in taking the joy ride on elephants at festival village. Kiddos couldn’t stop laughing while taking this ride. And they were excited to feed the giant elephants after the ride.

But the thrill was yet to start and everyone’s eyes were on the theatre doors. Which opened exactly on time and we rushed to experience our first ever cultural show. It took around 15 minutes to reach the theatre. Its huge theatre having a seating arrangement of 3000 people. Everything in the theatre was unlike the normal, the giant stage, and trees and the ancient look and feel of walls. It gives a realistic and different feeling.

Fantasy of kingdom show is about, Thailand’s rich and exotic heritage. It shows Thailand’s culture and has breath-taking aerobics, dance, music, dramas, and performances.

Elehants Palace
Elephants Palace

Another surprising thing about this extravaganza is its crew and cast doesn’t have only humans. But also monkeys, goats, tigers, birds, and elephants. And in spite of having so many performers including animals and birds, the show gets executed with perfect synchronizations and smoothly. Oh boy! How interesting it is too watched unfold the stories in it. We couldn’t blink an eye for those 70 minutes.

Kids couldn’t believe that real elephants were dancing on the stage and that too with perfect synchronization.  We couldn’t take images of the show as cameras are not allowed inside the theatre. We collected our cameras and phones after coming out of the theatre.

Fantasea show was the memorable night out for us and kids as well.

Time: 70 Minutes

Ticket price: THB 2,200 per adult, THB 2,000 per child. (For Show with Buffet Dinner,)

THB 1,800 per adult, THB 1,800 per child. For Show Only,

Required:  Need to keep your phones, digital cameras outside the theatre as it’s not allowed inside the theatre. You can collect it immediately after the show.

2. Phang Nga sea canoe


We planned island hopping tour on our second day at Phuket. It was a complete day trip which covers main attractions of Phuket’s natural beauty.  So for this trip, we reached the port at around 9 am in the morning. We started our trip by speed boat and visited top attractions around Phuket.

We used the canoe for seeing caves on some beaches. It was our first ever experience of canoeing. Initially, we were hesitant to seat in the small boats, but we enjoyed the ride, the views the caves, the ocean and everything about it. Everyone should try the hands-on canoeing as its enthralling experience. Many of our co-travelers enjoyed swimming in the ocean with colorful fishes. In this trip, we visited famous James bond islands. The views of the ocean from these islands are mesmerizing.

3. Patong beach & Bangala Street

Phuket is blessed with wonderful tropical beaches. We stayed at Patong beach as it’s a quite happening place. It has restaurants, hotels, resorts, shops, and spas too. We stayed at hotel holiday INN at Patong beach so that we could visit the beach many times. More than beach I enjoyed walking on the narrow streets in nearby areas. It’s a crowded place and has Bangala Street nearby which is famous for shopping.

This is an awesome view of the sea from the hotel room.


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3. Buddha temple

Buddha temple is another popular attraction to see in Phuket. It’s an iconic sculpture of lord buddha made using marble. It’s 45 meters tall Buddha statue which sits on one of the highest hills. Visitors can enjoy a 360-degree view of Phuket from this place.

Entry to the place is free.

Phuket is an absolute delight for any traveler.4 days trip to explore everything was not sufficient for us. I wish we could go back to the amazing Phuket again. If you have visited Phuket and wish to share your experiences with us, please provide it in the comments section.




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  2. Lovely post. We also visited Phuket for a 4-day trip and those 4 days were definitely not enough to explore Phuket completely. Island hopping was our favorite part of the whole trip.

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