5 Exercise Routines for Moms Who Just Gave Birth

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Giving birth might be one of the most painful moments that a woman has to endure, but it also gives way to life’s sweetest moments. Having a new baby in the family is such a joy, and it gives light to the life of the parents themselves, and even to the rest of the family. After giving birth, a woman’s body should be allowed to rest and recover. Eating the right food is also necessary – especially for breastfeeding moms. Please check more about postpartum diet here. Although some fit moms would want to work on getting back into shape as fast as possible, health experts would suggest to just take it slowly.

Strenuous activities should be avoided for a while, especially two weeks up to a month after giving birth. For C-Section moms, recovery time might be even longer. Make sure that you see your doctor first to have your skin checked, and have your doctor confirm if your wound has already closed or completely healed. Moms who gave birth via the natural way should still consult their OB-GYNE before doing any exercises. If possible, you must also consult personal trainers that can show you the proper types of exercises.

If your doctor has already given you the go signal to start exercising, below are 5 types of postnatal exercises that you can try out to help you slip back into an active and healthy lifestyle with ease.

1.Morning/Afternoon Walks

Even with your doctor’s approval, it is important to take exercising slowly and surely. Don’t jump right away to strenuous exercises, or you might overwork and strain your pelvic muscles. Try to regain your strength first by taking light walks in the morning and/or the afternoon.

This is also a great bonding activity for both you and your baby. While you take your baby out to soak up some morning sun and take him/her to the park in the afternoons, you can also do your walking exercises during these times.

Take brisk walks with your baby using a cart. You can also start with just 20 to 30 minutes of walking per day, but if you can, you should gradually increase your walking time for up to an hour. Walking might be a light activity, but this will help regain the strength of your hips and joints safely and surely, which will help you be more ready for strengthening exercises.

2.Floor Bridges

This is a type of exercise that can help strengthen your hamstrings and butt. To do this, you have to lie on your back with knees bent, your feet flat on the floor, while your arms lay flat at your side. Then squeeze your butt and lift it off from the floor, while you press your heels firmly on the ground. Hold for at least 3 seconds, then slowly return to your original position on the floor. Repeat for 10 to 20 times per session. You can do 1 to 3 sessions for this exercise.

3.Forearm Plank

After 2 to 3 months of giving birth, your body may not be ready for strenuous and full-blown workouts yet, but you can still work out your body’s core without straining yourself too much via the forearm plank. This exercise helps strengthen your abs, thighs, and butt.

So get into a plank position – back straight, forearms on the floor, and legs extended. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds, while keeping your hips up and abs tight in the process. To rest, lower your knees on the floor for around 30 seconds. Start with a light session of just 4 to 5 planks. You may gradually increase this number too.

4.Modified Squat Thrust

This particular exercise targets the legs, abs, and butt. To do this, lower into a squat position with your hands touching the floor. Just make sure that your hands and feet are positioned in front of each other. Step legs back to do a push-up position, step feet forward in front of your hands, and return to a standing position. Repeat 5 to 10 times for 1 to 3 rounds per session.

5.Walking Lunges (Advanced)

This is a more advanced type of exercise and should be done after at least 8 months or so after you give birth. This is another exercise that targets the legs and butt. First, stand with your feet together and keep your hands on the hips.

Take a huge step forward, and bend both knees in a 90-degree position. Push through the front leg then return to original position. Do this alternately on both sides of your legs. Do this for 10 to 20 times with 1 to 3 rounds for each session.

The best thing about all these exercises is that you can do it all at home. Except for walking, of course. Either way, all these exercises can be done even while you need to babysit the baby or bond with him/her. You can do quick exercise sessions while the baby is asleep, or just interact with him/her (peek-a-boo style) while you do at least 1 round of each exercise.

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