5 Fun ways to increase child’s vocabulary

Nowadyas children are overloaded with the school curriculam, studies, extra activities etc. When children overburdened they  might lose interest in doing things.So parents should take care of these things. When sia’s school teacher asked me  to work on her English vocabulary, I didn’t want to overburden my child with it. So thought of using interesting way to teach her English words and their meanings. Children learn happily when fun activities are used to teach. Just always believe and appreciate them at every step in the process.

Good vocabulary is necessary for many competitive exams and competitions. It’s always best to have good vocabulary as it  helps in understanding of other subjects. Well reading habits from childhood contribute in increasing vocabulary so start training them from childhood itself.

Here is easy to follow plan to increase English language vocabulary. Try to implement these easy ways to improve  your child’s vocabulary.

1.Newspaper reading

Ask your child to ready at least one news from newspaper daily. Reading newspaper loudly helps them to improve pronunciation and understand meanings of words. Reading news will give them exposure of new them to many new words. Explain all words and meanings from the news. Listening news channel will also serve same purpose. Its great way to know current ongoing affairs while increasing child’s vocabulary skills.

2. Join Library

Reading variety of books is great way to increase vocabulary. But buying all books is not possible and feasible option. So join nearby library for availing variety of books. Take your child along with you to library. Show and discuss about various books available at library. It will give them exposure to numerous books, subjects, types of books. Explain them how reading can be interesting activity. Read books along with your child in library. It will help to inculcate good reading habits in them.

3. Grocery shopping

You might be thinking by reading above sub heading “How grocery shopping can help children? “. But it’s really helpful and fun way to teach children about the food they eat. By doing grocery shopping with you children will learn many new words. Ask your child to list down the grocery items to be brought from market. Then second step is taking your child to supermarket along with you for your regular grocery shopping. Third step is asking your child to pick food packets, vegetables, fruits, laundry detergents. Educate them about importance of picking correct food, expiry dates on the packets. In this way children will know many new words related to your grocery.

4. White board

My favourite method for teaching new words is white board method .I have used it for my daughter and as it has helped her in many ways. For increasing vocabulary of your child write down 5 words with their meaning on white board. Use colourful markers for writing words on board. Now keep the white board in such a way that your child could easily see it. Child can read the words and meanings while playing, eating, studying or doing anything. In this way white board will help to learn and memorise 5 new words every day. Increase number of words with time.

5. Talking using the language

Talking in a language (for which you want to increase vocabulary) with your child is important method .By talking child will be analyse about words used and their meanings. Its best practice to use same language for communicating at house. Child’s knowledge about language, words, and tenses will improve with communication. Describe and explain hard words used in the language.

Disclaimer: this post is written for children aged 7-8 year old. For older children different methods are necessary for increasing their vocabulary.



  1. I liked 5th…Talking in language..So without any burden child will learn new words effectively..Even it can apply for less than 7 yrs old..Even I m also writing about parenting ..You can see which are 10 Most Effective Parenting Tips on my blog site Escape Writers.

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