6 Ideas to celebrate friendship day with mommy friends

friendship day 2018
friendship day 2018

Here we are in the July of year 2018 and already 6 months of the year 2018 are over. I remember my new year resolutions and one of it was spending more time with friends.Actually it’s difficult for a mother-of-two ,to get free time from the daily routine. Kid’s Schools, studies, activities, birthday parties, sports, sickness and what’s not, keep moms busy. But it’s important for mommies to have a break from this routine and meet friends. Socialising and meeting with friends or fello mommies help us to know and solve many parenting issues.Also it gives mothers a chance to enjoy the occasions and be happy.

So the post is about the friendship day 2018, and how are you planning to celebrate it? The summer is over and now it’s monsoon time. It’s the time of year ,I absolutely wait for. The friendship day and celebrations time with your friends and family. When I  was studying in the college ,I waited for the friendship day to tie friendship bands on my friend’s wrist. We used to buy fashionable friendship bands for friends. and used to give greetings and gifts to best friends. Now the time has changed ,circumstances, place  and friends too. We celebrate friendship day every year with the mommy friends. We have a group of  fellow mothers and enjoy spending time with each other. This year also we have many plans for the friendship day 2018 . Following are some of the cool ways to celebrate friendship day with your friends.

1. Breakfast date

This is the  fabulous way to celebrate the morning. Yes if you start a day with your friends for breakfast date , your day will be more special. I absolutely love to go on breakfast date with my friends, as we got quite time to be with each other. We walk to the favourite food joint in the morning for breakfast date.Have our breakfast and coffee together and return home till late morning.You can have your breakfast date at any convenient place as well. Have a breakfast together and start a day with sweet note.

Please check the more elaborate idea of brekafast date here..

2. Watch a movie

Watching movie never goes out of trend and if you are movie buff then go for the movie outing. Book and go for the movie night or movie date with your friends. Watching movie with your friends will make your day special and will be a perfect break from the daily routine. Have snacks or meals together after movie to spend quality time with your friends.

3. Go to shopping:

Probably it’s the thing loved by every woman in the world. It’s the perfect occasion to go on shopping with your friends. (I get goose bumps by just the word shopping.:-))When you along with friends for shopping, you may know more about the current fashion trends and options. Shop till you drop  and have a memorable friendship day celebrations.

4. Plan a potluck

plan a potluck at any of your friends house, nearby places. Cook delicious dishes and enjoy the get together with friends. Having potluck helps to distribute the load of cooking evenly. And every member in the group gets chance and time to enjoy the get together party.

5. Go twinning way


For celebrating this friendship day go on the picnic/outing. Select nearby museum,zoo, outdoor park, fort as a picnic spot. The real fun for this outing is in twinning with your friends. Decide and twin with your girls league. Select  same t- shirts, hair bands, purses, jackets  for twinning. You can treat yourself and your friends with these twinning accessories,clothes as well.

6.Spa party

Going to spa is another fantastic idea to celebrate your friendhsip day.Indulge in the spa services,take nice facial,massage or hair spa.It will be relaxing and rejuvenating celebrations for all of you.If you buy spa services in group, you might get doscounts, so plan it before date to save money.Try this spa party on friendship day and give yourself a nice makeover.

So what’s better occasion than the friendship day to meet up your friendsand enjoy? Call your mommy friends and plan a special celebrations for this friendship day. Wish you all happy friendship day 2018. Please let us know your ideas about celebrating friendship day in comments section.




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