5 Important tips for winter skincare

winter skincare

A pleasant cool breeze is showing, it’s winter time. During winters the outside temperature falls down and it may be an alarming situation for your skin. It might cause dryness, patchy scales, allergies, rashes to the skin. It’s normal to have dry and chapped lips, hands or leg’s during winter. But mommies you can definitely avoid it by following a skin care routine. Take out some time for your routine and have a baby soft skin during winter as well. It’s not very difficult and you can follow all the steps at home easily. Check out simple skin care routine for winters.

1.Moisturize your skin

The skin may lose its moisture during winter and that’s the reason for excessive dryness. To hydrate it use a good quality moisturizer and apply it daily on your face and body. ( At least twice or as per your requirement.) Don’t forget to use your sunscreen while going out in the sun. If you are having chapped lips then ghee(Clarified butter) is a perfect home remedy for it. Apply ghee on your lips before sleeping every day and you will see the difference. Ghee has healing properties and it will moisturize the chapped lips.

2. Body Massage

If you are planning to visit a spa then ladies, winter is a perfect time. As body massage using essential oils will not only relax your muscles but also deep moisturize your skin. You can choose almonds oil coconut oil, sesame oil for doing body massage. Body massage is the must-have step in your winter skincare routine. You can have your message at home using your choice of oil as well. Oil massage will make your skin soft and protect it from getting drier.

3.Face pack / Bodypack

Applying correct face pack/ body pack helps in getting smooth and soft skin. It will help to tighten skin, remove dead cells. Regular use of this pack makes your skin glow. Include packs in your skincare routine and you will see the visible difference. Here is the recipe to make your body and face pack at home using easily available ingredients.

Bodypack for winters :

1.Mix 2 TB spoon of chickpeas flour with 1 TB spoon of milk.

2. Sprinkle a  pinch of turmeric powder in it and mix well.

3. Pour a few drops of almond oil and make a thick paste.

4. Apply this paste on your face, hands, and body evenly before bathing.

5. Let it dry for 20-30 minutes and then take a bath with warm water.

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Diet is extremely important irrespective of the season. During winters the body has higher metabolism so eat carefully. Include maximum seasonal vegetables and fruits in your diet. Avoid excess oily and spicy food. Drinking lots of water help to hydrate your body and skin. Eat nuts and dry fruits, as dry fruits are said to be rich in essential oils, it helps to keep your skin glowing.

5.Warm water bath

During winter we want to keep ourselves warm and that’s the reason we tend to take a hot water bath. But remember hot water is harmful to the skin resulting in more dryness in it. So make sure to take bath with only warm water. Use homemade ubtans (Body packs) to get silky soft skin. For making ubtan use (Chickpeas flour+pinch of turmeric+ milk). Apply this paste on your body while bathing and wash it off with water. with this easy skincare routine, you can have soft and glowing skin during winter as well.

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