Get your baby winter ready

winter clothes
winter clothes

Now as winter is about to start mommies of young children have to gear up for making their little one winter ready. Small babies are more prone to get cold, cough and infections in cool weather as they have low immunity. For better development of baby keeping her warm is very important. That’s why it is important to keep them warm in winter season. Warm clothes, Warm water baths, room heaters for maintaining temperature are helpful for keeping babies warm during winters. When my first child was born it was summer and I got all smooth, cotton clothes for her. We have to select clothes for babies as per outside weather.

When winter started I got her all winter clothes, but she wasn’t comfortable in it. She doesn’t like the heavy woolen sweaters and kept on pulling it all the time. So I rushed again to clothes store for getting comfortable winter clothes For her. Finally, she was happy with her new soft and warm winter clothes. It was a lesson for me that – small baby’s clothes should be selected with lots of care, as sometimes woolen sweaters might cause itchiness in the skin. Get your baby winter ready with comfortable and warm winter clothes.

#1. Thermal wear

Thermal clothes are very warm and they are soft as well. Good thing is that thermal wear clothes are not so heavy like woolen sweaters. Just make your baby wear thermal wear inside normal clothes like inners. Kids can’t remove it by pulling. Thermal wear protects baby from cold winter weather.

#2. Rompers

Rompers are one piece cloth which covers baby from top to bottom completely it protects from outside cold weather. Many kids don’t like wearing socks and they keep on removing it. In this case, rompers are of help as they cover kid’s feet as well. I like Rompers as my younger daughter always pulled her socks and removed it. So using rompers was the perfect idea to make her wear socks in the winter time. Rompers without socks are also available and equally comfortable.

#3. Caps

Caps are very important as they help to avoid exposure to cool air by covering ears. There are many types of caps available in the market and you can select few trendy, few woolen and few cotton caps as per need. Small Kids need more clothes as it might get dirty after use. Thus buy set of caps for your child.

 #4. Sweaters/jackets

Sweaters/jackets are must-have clothes in cold weather. Many kids don’t like to get covered by blankets while sleeping in the night and here sweaters/jackets come to rescue. Buy soft and smooth sweaters /jackets for your child and make sure to wear it all the time during winters.

#5. Socks

only help to keep baby’s feet warmer but protects her from catching a cold and cough. Have set of soft socks for your baby and always make sure to wear her socks during cold days, nights and while going out.

#6. Winter skin care:

Also make sure to apply moisturizer to your baby every day for protecting from dryness of skin. In winter babies skin may lose moisture and may crack easily. Make sure to include warm vegetable soups and porridge in your baby’s diet.


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