5 Things I quit for healthy and fit body

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I gained significant weight during my second pregnancy and it went on increasing after giving birth to a baby as well. It was an alarming situation for me and I decided to take it seriously. Two things I changed in my lifestyle, one is my diet and second is an increase in physical activity. Basically my eating habits were the main culprit for my weight gain. I am a foodie who love to cook and eat different dishes.I decided to concentrate on my wrong eating habits and zeroed down a few foods to quit.I didn’t want to follow any particular XYZ diet, so I started with cutting down a few foods from my diet. Extra calories from this food were adding pounds to me.I quit these 5 things for the healthy and fit body

1.Bread and bakery

I like sweets and baked goodies like cakes, pastries, doughnuts and various bread.(Bakery products and bread have Butter,Maida/ all purpose flour as the ingredient, which has gluten.) As my weight graph was on the increasing side, I quit eating bread and bakery products. It was tough to have breakfast without a piece of bread, but I replaced it with more protein packed breakfast recipes.

2.Outside food

Outside food may have more oil, spices, additives, preservatives, food colours. So my second pointer was on outside eating habit. Which I quit and prefer taking only home cooked healthy and nutritious meals. (No more lunch or dinner dates with friends now). Clean eating is necessary to have a healthy and fit body, So I quit eating out, eating junk food.


Along with clean eating, I wanted to cut down my sugar intake. It was adding unnecessary calories to my diet. I felt low in energy after cutting down sugar completely, so I replaced it with a spoonful of jaggery and sometimes honey to satisfy my sugar cravings. I could see visible changes in my body after quitting white sugar. Indeed it was a right move.

4.Heavy dinners

The fourth thing I quit was having heavy dinner. My dinner was quite a heavy meal of Chapatti, vegetable curry, lentils and rice. I changed it to only 1 Chapatti, Vegetable curry, Lentils and sometimes only lentils and salad(If I’m not hungry). I make sure to monitor the quantity of food I’m eating for the last meal of the day.As overeating may lead to weight gain.Taking light dinner is helpful in many ways.


I quit- Pouring ghee to every meal of the day and ghee coated desserts. Ghee is full of fats and thus I decided to quit eating ghee. (Sometimes I pour ghee on  my cheat meal day, but that is only once a while.)

Along with these diet changes, I started exercising regularly to maintain fitness.With two small kids, It was difficult to take out time for exercise, but I managed. I chose the most optimal, possible and easy exercise to start with – brisk walking. (As it  doesn’t need any fancy types of equipment and it’s free.)

I walk regularly in the morning after my elder daughter leaves for the school.
I follow 45 minutes brisk walking and on busy days at least 30 minutes of walk.
Consistency in exercising is important for maintaining a healthy body. If not possible in the morning then I walk in the evening at around 6 pm, but I maintain consistency in my brisk walking schedule.
I took yoga lessons and now do it at least 3 times a week. I had severe lower back pain and I find much relief in it after doing Yoga.

Definitely, there are positive changes in my body after following a healthy diet and regular exercise. I feel self-control is the key to maintain healthy eating habits and a fit body. Over the period of time, it has helped me in many ways. Not only I could lose that few extra pounds but also feeling more energetic and light. I have already lost 10 pounds of weight and expecting to lose a few more pounds. The result of quitting things are awesome and definitely worth giving a try for.


Eat healthy, stay fit and happy!

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  1. Wow.. Rupali. That’s a good post and the tips you have mentioned are doable too. Walking is the best form of exercise and so is yoga which keeps the body flexible. Glad to have you on board.

  2. You are doing so well. The right thing to quit stuff which is unhealthy. However, I would recommend you to have a bit of ghee. It’s good for joints. You can make sabjis is minimum ghee and replace it with oil. It will surely help. Brisk walking is good. Keep up the fitness spirit.

  3. Its good to know that you quit outside food and bakery products. Healthy homemade food is always a better option. I liked the idea about light dinner and regular exercise to keep fit.

  4. Replacing a heavy dinner with a light one has helped me too. Walking is something we can do anywhere and anytime, and I am glad you are doing that.
    Such simple and doable tips, Roopali. Sure to help your readers.

  5. For last couple of weeks, I too have gone light on my dinner or atleast moved the time to an earlier dinner. But it is extremely heart breaking to know that all things yummy are not good for your body. Yet one has to take a bitter pill for something good.

  6. I too practice yoga. It has made me flexible. I feel energized the entire day when I start my day with yoga. Great tips!

  7. A healthy diet and regular exercise do help in maintaining weight and staying fit and you are doing it so well, Roopali.

  8. Zainabraazi

    I haven’t been able to quit bread/ occasionally a sandwich is bae! Sugar I don’t have in my tea. But I’m totally in love with chocolates;)
    Moderation is key

  9. I love bakery foods, so I learned to make them at home. Instead of all-purpose flour, I’m using wheat flour to make cakes. And instead of sugar, honey is the best way.

  10. super cool. Rupali can I participate in this linky party? want to share mine.

  11. Quitting bad habits is the most tedious task I believe, as they are highly addictive. The list is quite relatable and I am aiming to follow the pursuit soon.

  12. Well written piece. A well balanced diet and eating in moderation is the key to a healthy and fit body! Totally agree with you.

  13. What an inspiring journey Roopali. I have completely removed processed food too. instead make things at home, even bread, pasta and jams…

  14. You sure made some good changes, Roopali! It needs a lot of willpower to stay away from sweets and sugar. However, if I may suggest, you can add a spoonful of home made ghee to your daily diet. The reason being ghee contains essential fats that our body requires. It keeps our joints well-oiled and also keeps our skin well moisturised. And, just a spoon of ghee will not lead to weight gain, I promise!

    Take care! 🙂

  15. This is great list roopali and I agree it is all about paying attention to what we eat and how much we eat. healthy diet is must for fit body.

  16. Oils, Ghee, heavy dinners are a problem for me too. It is generally mentioned that breakfast is one meal when a person should eat lots and dinner one should eat very sparingly. Easier said than done but with some discipline, I am trying to do that.

  17. Very nice post, taking care of yourself is equally important for all women, I make sure I get some tike for me, water yoga makes me happy and keep me fit. And yes I make sure to avoid packed ready to eat food.

  18. Outside food really does spoil all our efforts. I consciously avoid it now.

  19. You did all the good things to stay fit and healthy Rupali. Sugars, baked goods and processed foods are the main culprits but ghee is not a culprit. As a nutritionist, I recommend a teaspoon of ghee to all my clients but as you said, pouring ghee over all your meals is not good. Daily walking and yoga are really helpful too. I also do it every day.

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