5 Ways to stop child’s finger sucking

Does your baby suck thumb or any other finger? Then we are sailing in same boat.My 3 year old kid wasn’t ready to stop fingers sucking. She sucked 2 fingers of her right hand  most of the time. Whenever she was hungry she refused food and instead sucked fingers .The fingers got Rashes, skin thinned because of excess sucking. We tried all possible ways to stop her from thumb sucking but it failed. She’s very stubborn and she would get restless if stopped from sucking fingers. I discussed with her doctor many times and he said it’s normal habit of small kids. Kids suck thumb or fingers as pacifier. They do so when they are  hungry, thirsty or sleepy. But the germs and bacteria on hand and fingers can create problem.And also the fingers might get rashes and patches because of sucking. My daughter sucked fingers till she was 3 years old. However we tried to stop her doing so , she didn’t stop. Then we followed some tips to stop ther fingers sucking habit.If you are looking for ways to stop child’s thumb sucking habit, here are soem useful ways.

1. Talk with a child:

Talking with a child is important to stop her from finger sucking. If your child has already started talking then it is best way to stop her and be away from this habit.Don’t get angry or shout on child but try to solve the problem with patience. Give example of yourself and other family members as they don’t suck fingers. Always remind child of not sucking fingers to help staying away from the habit.

2. Keep child engaged

Keep child engaged in playing or any other activity. As boredom is another reason of sucking fingers. When kids don’t have anything to do kids start sucking fingers. While playing they forgot to suck fingers and it may be helpful to stay away from the habit. If it doesn’t stop with this method then go for a bit harder methods.

3. Tie handkerchief

If your child doesn’t stop fingers sucking by above mentioned methods then go for tying  cotton handkerchief on the hand. It is good option to refrain from finger sucking. Child will try to comfort self by sucking fingers and won’t be able to do it cause of handkerchief won’t allow her to do so. After trials when child won’t be able to suck fingers the habit will go away.

4. Stick Band-Aids

If handkerchief method didn’t work out go for sticking band aids on hand. Explain to your child that the sucking has caused injury and now it’s important to stick band aids. Band aids won’t allow to suck the fingers and child will stop it automatically.

5. Bitter liquids

Use it as the last option and if nothing works out. There are medicines available, which are used to avoid thumb /finger sucking. The medicine is very bad in taste and it lasts long. I have used it for my daughter and she stopped fingers sucking within 2 days. It was very painful to see her restless because of the medicine. But it worked out and she got rid of this habit.

You can easily avail this medicine(Femite for thumb sucking in babies) from chemists shop.

How to use it:

Apply the medicine on finger/s which child sucks.

Let it dry completely as Medicine having bitter taste apply it and let it dry completely.

Wish you all the best for your stop thumb sucking mission!! Please update us about your experience and tips in comments section.



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