5 Ways to include more milk in child’s diet

more milk
more milk

 Before few days I met 5-year-old Anshu who was coming back from dentist clinic with his mommy. All of sudden his one tooth broke and he started crying with pain. After consulting dentist, Anshu got medicines for paining tooth but also dentist suggested the reason of broken tooth as “Calcium deficiency”. Calcium supplements were prescribed by the dentist for Anshu’s calcium deficiency. But Anshu’s mommy was quite worried as she told me that anshu does not like milk so he hardly takes it, also he does not like many of the dairy products so this might be the reason of calcium deficiency. Many kids face calcium deficiency in young age. If more calcium-rich food included in diet then this problem can be avoided.

Milk is very important for child’s overall development. Its rich source of protein, calcium, and calories it is fortified with vitamin D. With balanced diet these essential nutrients in milk are necessary for growing kids.

But many kids don’t like milk and they refuse to drink it. When kids are doing so try to find out exact reason if it is the taste of milk, a smell of milk, the colour of milk and then work on that exact dislike because of which he/she was not taking milk. If its taste of milk then alter it by adding other ingredients like cardamom gives nice aroma so add a pinch of cardamom powder in milk. If the reason is taste then change it by adding other ingredients like chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, any flavor health drink powder or just dry fruits (Almonds/cashews) powder. It the reason is a colour of milk then change it again with above ingredients or just add 2 strands of saffron. Include more milk while cooking meals in some or other way. So mommy doesn’t be worried just try some fun recipes with milk as an option to milk and enjoy them with kids.

Following are some ways to include more milk in your child’s diet


Deserts have an inseparable place in every house. Occasions might be festivals, celebrations, guests, holidays, weekends or without occasion as well deserts are made. While making deserts at home intentionally prefer deserts with milk (like semolina Halawa, carrots Halawa, lauki Halawa ).

Try making all simple and easy to make deserts like different types of kheer / Porridge ( like rice kheer, sewai kheer, almond kheer , dry fruit kheer, Basundi, Rabadi or any other choice of kheer / Porridge ).

Initially, kids may hesitate but slowly they will start enjoying milk deserts. Use saffron strands, gulkand for changing /hiding the colour of milk deserts like kheer.

2. Milk in roti /bread

Why not to try Dashami (Type of roti) or milk roti instead of plain roti. Dashami is the type of roti made using milk and wheat flour. For making milk roti just add milk while kneading dough for rotis. Try using milk instead of water or milk and water mixture while baking bread.Milk bread will be softer and tastier too.

3. Snacks

Make shankarpale /shakkarpare using milk along with all-purpose flour, Bake cupcakes, cakes, milk biscuits, cookies using milk. These snacks are loved by kids so good way to give milk to them.

4.Ice creams

Kids love ice creams so whenever possible give ice cream. Instead of giving ready-made ice creams from market prefer giving homemade ice creams.Any fresh fruit ice cream or dry fruits ice cream are quick recipes.Make ice creams in large quantity and store it in the freezer.

5. Beverages

To avoid plain milk start making the variety of milkshakes using available fruits. To encourage kids, elders in the family should drink milkshakes appreciating its taste. Kids follow elders so may start drinking milkshakes. Also try the variety of glasses (plastic colorful glasses, Different shape glasses) for offering these milkshakes. Try fruits like banana, strawberry,chicoo mango to make milkshakes Almond flavored, saffron milk is also handy options for plain milk.

6. Other dairy products

milk cream in smoothies or deserts.Make cheese recipes like homemade pasta, pizza, cheese sandwiches for including more cheese. For using more curd, flavored yogurts or lassi (Sweet buttermilk with more butter) or masala buttermilk are options.Paneer dishes are also

Great source of protein and moreover tasty too. Use paneer (Cottage cheese) for making paneer recipes like paratha/sandwiches / rice/biryani / deserts.

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