6 Home remedies to stop hair fall

Hair fall is common problem faced by many people. There are many factors responsible for it like mental  stress , physical  illness, deficiencies, improper diet, lack of sleep. Women may face hair fall problem in pregnancy or after giving birth to baby. I have faced hair fall problem many times ,but  it was severe after my second pregnancy. I scared to even touch my hairs ,Every time I washed or combed hairs, Lots of hairs came on my hands.

I followed medications prescribed by doctors for treating hair loss and deficiencies as well. At the same time I used some tried and tested home remedies to stop hair fall. Home remedies using available foods in kitchen help to get stronger and shinier hairs. Actually daily exercise, balanced diet and proper sleep are extremely important for maintaining good health and strong hairs. If you have hair fall problem then try to take care of hairs using these home remedies.Home remedies to get strong hair and avoid hair fall:

# 1. Hair oil

There are varieties of herbs infused hair oils available in the market which are effective. Herb infused hair oil can be done easily at home as well and it will save your money. Warm oil massage using this herb infused hair oil works wonder for hairs. It makes hair strong, smooth and shiny. Apply this oil before washing hair for half an hour and wash it off with warm water.Here is the process of doing herb infused hair oil at home.

How to do:

Coconut oil 200 ml,
Hibiscus flowers 5 (Red colour) dried in shade and then crushed,
Fenugreek seeds 2 tb spoons,
Heat coconut oil and add dried flowers and fenugreek seeds in it,
Boil the mixture on low flame,
Cool it and sieve,
Store this oil in air tight bottle.

# 2. Egg mask

Eggs are full of proteins which is essential nutrient for hairs. Applying eggs on hair and scalp make hairs strong and shiny. It conditions hair in natural way. Applying egg on hairs is more effective than having it diet so use this mask   once in a week.

How to do.

Break egg and whisk it with spoon.
Cut half lemon and squeeze its juice in this egg mixture.
Apply this egg mask on hair and scalp carefully.
Keep it for 20-30 minutes and wash it off with cold water.

# 3. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek has rich source of vitamins and iron. This makes hair follicle strong. Use this home remedy for at least once in a week.

How to do:

Soak fenugreek seeds overnight in a water.
Ground fenugreek seeds, curry leaves with some water in blender to get fine paste.
Apply this paste on hair and scalp.
Keep it for 30 minutes on head and wash it with warm water.

# 4. Herbal hair wash powder (Shikekai)

Shikekai hair wash powder is direct from plant, natural and free from any harmful chemicals Use this plant based instead of using shampoo for washing hairs. You will notice fewer hairs falling after few weeks it. Hair fall will be less and hairs will look conditioned as well. Add amala (Indian gooseberry, Neem powder in shikekeai while using it for hair wash.)Shikekai and other herbal powders are available at pharmacies.

How to do:

How to use  shikekai.
Mix shikekai and other powders with hot water.
Apply this paste on hairs.
Wash hairs with warm water.

#5. Avoid Hair treatments

Hair treatments definitely make our hair beautiful and bring that exact look which we want, but it may damage hairs. As many hair treatments use products with chemicals, heat treatment. Chemicals, heat, treatments may cause hair fall also. If you don’t want to avoid hair treatment then always check for products used for it. Select your products carefully. For colouring hairs try alternative like colouring using henna which is natural and will condition hair as well.

#6. Combing

Use proper comb / brush for combing your hair. Make sure to maintain the hygiene of your comb or brush. Wash it frequently with soap and warm water to keep it clean. Comb hairs properly at least twice a day in the morning and before going to bed at night. Comb completely as it will help to increase blood flow and help to get strong hair roots.
photo credit: Wendy.Burchfield Hair loss  via photopin (license)




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