6 Stylish clothes to make you summer ready

Hey mommies, watts up? Its summertime and heat are increasing. How are you gearing up to face the summer heat? Some lifestyle changes and the clothes you wear can make your summer bearable. We have come up with stylish and comfortable clothes ideas. Select your clothes wisely and follow some tips to keep yourself cool during hot days.

Avoid wearing heavy, polyester and silk clothes during this time. wearing tight clothes can cause rashes, discomfort.

Selecting right cloth material is very important, go for cotton, cotton mix, light material like viscose clothes during this time.

Always go for loose, light and cotton clothes during summer. It will allow air to pass and keep you sweat free.

Try colourful and flower print scarf’s to cover your head while going out. Breathable cloth use for making clothes. Let your skin breath too with these clothes.

Here are some cool outfit  ideas to make yourself summer ready.


Summer is the best time to flaunt your collection of dresses. If you are going out in hthe ot sun, prefer long dresses with full sleeves. Use pastels , light colours or floral  prints. Go for short dresses as per the occasion and time. Wear appropriate accessories , hat and sunglasses along with the dress to make a complete look.

summer dress
summer dress


Skirts are always in fashion and  can be used on any occasion. Have a variety of types and designed skirts. Pair it with perfect top and It will give you the stylish look. If it’s party time go for short skirts, if it’s an outing time go for medium length skirt. If you are going for the party and need ethnic look, go for long skirts with contrast  tops, stoll and pair of Zumaki. If you are hard core jeans fan then go for jeans skirts  and t-shirt. Always check for appropriate foot-wear to suit on this outfit.

Summer skirts
Summer skirts


Replace your jeans, tights, trousers with palazzo pants during summer. Palazzo pants are loose and comfortable to wear. Go for palazzo pants made from light material. Pair it with ca crop top, contrast  tops , t-shirts to make a stylish and cool outfit for your summer. There are a variety of designs available in the market.


Stock your wardrobe with a variety of shorts. Pair it with loose fit floral cotton tops, shirts or t-shirts of your choice. Shorts and t-shirts give you coolest look. Go for loose shorts which come with cute bow belts. They look awesome and keep you sweat-free. If you are going on your kid’s playdate, choose Shorts and t-shirts only. As it will be easy playing with kids by wearing it.

summer shorts
summer shorts


If you are an outdoor person and love to go on outings, select jumpsuits as a your outfit during sumer time. Jumpsuits give you that girl-next door look. Choose different length jumpsuits,rompers as per the occasion.I absolutely love wearing floral jumsuits any time.Match it with jewellery and accesories.



Culottes are pants with 3/4 of length and it comes with the lose fit like palazzo pants. I find culottes as a most suitable summer wear. I wear it with crop tops.

Always carry small water bottles in your purse, hand bag while going out .Drink loads of water, use sun screen lotion.Take care of yourself and be cool during summer.



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