7 Interesting things to do in Phuket

Thai cave

Nature is the greatest stress buster and we should reconnect with it to get recharged, rejuvenated and refreshed. As and when possible we plan vacations to various places in south-east Asia. This time during kid’s school holidays we were planning a trip to Thailand. We wanted the vacations should be full of adventures, surprises, fun and frolic. And I finalized Phuket, the beach destination in Thailand. The city is famous for the gorgeous ocean views, relaxing white sand beaches, Mangroves, lush green forests and it’s cultural attractions. Full of natural beauty and that’s what exactly, we were looking for.

We booked our tickets ahead of time as it was a pre-planned vacation for us. We went to Phuket from Singapore by AirAsia. We booked the flights using this link Book Airasia, it offers the Cheap flights to all your favourite destinations.For our 5- nights stay in Phuket, we selected the hotel Holiday Inn on Patong beach.

The city not only has great viewpoints but also offers various cultural attractions. We visited famous places like Phang Nga beach and nearby islands, the Big Buddha temple. It was awesome experience to visit these places and we absolutely loved watching thailand’s cultural show – Fantasea.As it was 5 days trip we wanted to explore the city and its culture more closely. Let me tell you, we enjoyed our complete stay and could make most of it. Phuket not only has beautiful backdrops but also offers loads of activities to its visitors. If you are visiting this place any time soon, here is the list of top 7 things you can do there.


Being surrounded by sea Phuket offers a wide range of water activities, water sports. You can do scuba diving, surfing, jet ski, parasailing or go on taking banana boat rides, simple boat rides. If you are an ocean lover, just take a dip in the cold sea and enjoy swimming in a crystal clear, sparkling water. Also, You can rent a motorbike or boat and enjoy a ride around the island and the sea. Various popular tourists spots have the water sports services available. On our visit to popular beaches in Phuket, I tried banana boats, jet ski rides and loved jet ski the most.

2.Island Hopping

island hopping

Island hopping was on our second day of the itinerary. We started early in the morning by speedboat. We visited famous islands around Phuket and explored ancient caves underneath mountains. Our island hopping was extremely spectacular, the sea, the stunning little tropical islands on the way, lush green forests and white sand beaches. It’s an amazing experience to soak the sun on the beach side and listen birds chirping sound in the forests. The sea has differently shaped limestone cliffs which stand tall in between. It looks like the gourds of the sea. We enjoyed our Island hopping and would like to go one more time. You can visit Krabi, Phi Phi island by speedboats, which are an hour long from Phuket. We selected phi phi island for visiting world famous Maya Bay and oh boy it’s beautiful beyond words.

3. Visit elephant sanctuary

How about living with elephants and playing with elephants, giving mud bath them. It’s possible in Phuket’s elephant sanctuary. These sanctuaries in Thailand give you an opportunity to be with elephants. You can walk with elephants and feed them and be with elephants in the natural environment. It’s amazing to see how this giant creature lives inside forests.

4. Thai massage and spa

Phuket offers not only the picturesque sights to view but also the relaxing indulgence of spas. It’s famous for the Thai massage and there are many Thai massage centres, spas around the city. We found a Spa on Patong beach, to get our massage done. The staff in Spa was very friendly and they took care of every small thing we needed. It’s extremely relaxing and rejuvenating experience to have an hour-long special Thai massage. Not to forget I tried my first ever -Fish spa, it was tickling but interesting to keep legs in the fish tank for 20 minutes.

5. Go shopping

Phuket is an absolute paradise for shoppers too, While entering the city by cab, we noticed colourful local goodies markets all around. Let me tell you another important thing, we lived on Patong beach and it’s was an absolutely right decision as it has local markets, Bangala street nearby. I enjoyed our evening walks around the city and peeped almost in every roadside shop. These shops have irresistibly beautiful things available, from beachwear, swimwear, hats, purses, toys, photo frames, souvenirs, accessories, Handmade jewellery, sunglasses and what’s not. We bought many beautiful handmade souvenirs for our family and friends.

6.Exploring Caves

Thai caves

This is another interesting thing we tried for the first time while our island hopping tours.  We went to see the ancient caves underneath the giant mountains. We went to a beach by speedboat and then used a small boat canoe to reach these ancient caves. I felt canoeing is a joyous part of this trip, as we never tried it before. I was sweating with fear while seating in the small canoe. But believe me, it was an out of world experience to try this little ride. It gives a chance to touch the aqua blue sea water, to experience it more closely. The mesmerising sight was an area of the sea which was fully surrounded by the tall mountains. We walked all the way from a dark cave to see this picturesque sight and it was absolutely mesmerising.


If you are visiting any of the beaches in Thailand, you must do Snorkelling. The sea has an unbelievable underwater world and that can be explored by snorkelling on these beaches. Kata beach in Phuket is famous for underwater adventures and views. It offers wonderful facilities for snorkelers, divers.  They provide necessary things including masks for snorkelling.


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