7 Smart tips for working moms


Working mom

However fast I do, work doesn’t get completed, every time I could see only things –to – do, I’m always running out of time, These are some common complaints by working moms. Are you also having same problems, mom? Just take a deep breath as your work isn‘t going to get reduced by worrying.We have fantastic action-plan for your all problems.And the interesting thing is these tips are from many mommies like you.

It’s true that working moms are juggling work and family. But it can be balanced well with some ideas and tricks.Planning, scheduling, and prioritizing help to reduce the stress.Just don’t get over-stressed with work and responsibilities and find time for yourself as well.Here are some effective tips for some working moms for other moms. Let’s have a look at these easy tricks especially for you.

1.Plan meals for weekdays

Don’t get surprised by the title plan. Planning  is really helpful to complete tasks on time. Generally, it takes lots of time to find the answer to a question“What to cook today? “. So pre-decide and have a plan of meals to be cooked on weekdays.It saves lots of time. Plan meals for the weekdays and keep all the necessary ingredients ready on weekend itself. Here are few one pot meal ideas for dinner.Go for quick breakfasts (sandwich, Boiled eggs, oats, omelette, multigrain bars)for busy mornings.

2.Stock up on groceries:

Using sticky notes make a list of necessary things. As and when something gets over note it down. And when your planning a trip to supermarket take this list of things to be bought. Stock up your pantry with all required grocery, fruits, juices, vegetables.It will save your time and energy of frequent supermarket visits. Buy toiletries in bulk as it will save your money.Make different compartments in your wardrobe/ storage room for dry grocery and snacks. Maintain lists of things already finished by using sticky notes.Snacks are useful when you are in a hurry and children want food.

3.Use Night-time

Time after  having dinner is ga good time to complete few of the tasks for next day morning. It will help you to avoid early morning hurry. Before sleeping, clean kitchen, take out clothes for next day morning, sort out things and pack bags for all family members.With these preparations, next day morning you can get enough time to sip a coffee.

4.Utilise Weekends :

Weekends are for relax and rest, but as working moms could utilise them for easy weekdays. Utilise your weekends for doing housework like laundry, grocery, cleaning, ironing, vegetables and fruits, and vegetables sorting.Try to complete tasks like buying grocery, medical visits, shopping on weekends.Keep your weekend  evenings free for yourself to relax.


Prioritize the tasks  to be done  for a day.If you are extremely exhausted, always skip low priority tasks and concentrate on only high priority tasks. Make use of sticky notes in your kitchen and bedroom. Note down high priority tasks and complete it. Writing down on sticky notes will avoid forgetting the tasks and prioritizing will save time.

6.Outsource/ Take a help:

Don’t hesitate to take help from family members for doing household choruses. Assign tasks to children like packing lunch boxes, packing school bag, water bottles, Folding and arranging clothes, tidying room. In this way children will be independent by doing their own work and mommy will get some help.Outsource work  as and when possible to the helper. Cleaning, ironing can be easily get done from  helpers.

7.Cook food in bulk

Cooking meals in bulk saves time. Eating fresh meals is necessary but if you run out of time while cooking all meals for the day, go for cooking in bulk. Cook curries,lentils,snacks for 2-3 meals together.You can refrigerate leftovers for another meal.Make dry snacks like mixture, cakes,cookies in big batches for kid’s hunger pangs.


  1. Yeah I completely agree with all your points. But I feel bulk cooking is not an option. For instance, what if we have to go out for the sake of some emergency then all that food would go stale. Instead we go for better time management options.

    • Rupali Kadam

      If we refrigerate the food for 3-4 days, it’s of great convenience. But, have to be careful if we have traveling plans.

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