8 Interesting skills motherhood taught me


“Everything has changed and yet, I’m more me than I’ve ever been- Iain thomas”

Well, if someone asks me “What motherhood  taught me? ” There are many interesting things to specify. I have changed in many ways after becoming mother of two beautiful kids. Motherhood changes women ,not only we become more kind, patient , caring but also alert, overprotective,smart. I’m software engineer by profession, but now after becoming mother I’m their doctor, teacher, nutritionist, coach, nurse, cook, assistant as well.( I am damn sure no other profession in world would need so much of expertise.And all these expertise can be gained by simply being mother.) Following is the short description of the million changes, motherhood braught in me.I’m learning every moment and growing again with my kids.

1. Hiding things

Every day kids has different demands, which I can’t fulfil. If I directly refuse to do anything then there are more chances of throwing tantrums. which I can’t afford, as these tantrums come sometimes on the road, inside super market , in bus, in train and in house. so I have a learnt a technique to hide:-)  I hide many things in the house like TV remote, phones, tabs , sweets, candies, medicines and what’s not. I have to think and find out the places for hiding it. Most of the times I keep on thinking about hiding things of my kids  interest. Then I have to lie them, like TV is not working, tab can’t be charged, money in my wallet is finished so I can’t buy more toys, it will rain today so we can’t go to play ground. I feel bad for lying to kids ,but this is the most optimal solution to refrain them.

2. Arguments

As today kids are si-fi generation and  they are extremely smart enough to deal with. For convincing them we have to put lots of efforts. Many times I have o struggle for making my view realise to the kids. I have learnt to do lot of arguments, which I never did before becoming mother. There is hardly any day in my life which passes without arguments. Do not ask me who wins the arguments, as it’s again a different topic 🙂

3. Multitasking

I cook while I pack school bags , lunch boxes, water bottles, iron uniforms.  I make them wear clothes and mean while I give continuous instructions of things to do and not to do. I read, write and take notes for my elder daughter as and when I watch TV. I collect recipes from fellow mommies when I go out to attend any event. I play with my younger one while cleaning house and doing laundry. I always try to do 2-3 things simultaneously, to manage my time. I don’t know how I learnt to handle these many things simultaneously, but I am good at multitasking now.

4.Getting ready in 5 minutes

You heard it right! I get ready in 5 minutes, for any occasion, party, outing, shopping. Anyone will be surprised to know the fact that, how can a woman get ready in 5 minutes? but it’s true, gone are the days when I took time and got ready. As most of the times my kids are waiting for me, fighting with each other, I have to make them ready and the list is long.

5. Nutritionist

Before having kids I never thought what do I eat and what’s it’s nutritional value. Now as a parent I want to provide maximum possible nutrition to my kids. All time I m planning nutritious meals for my kids, as  both my kids are picky eaters. I cook all four meals of the day and select ingredients carefully. I try to use as much as vegetables and fruits in their diet. Many times I hide vegetables in their favourite food. I talk with fellow mommies, search number of websites to collect healthy recipes for the kids. I have a huge collection of home remedies on common illness in children as well.

6. Organiser

You might think why organiser? but it’s also fact, Motherhood taught me how to be a good organiser. As for my kids I plan many play dates, sleep over, birthday parties , lunch dates, pool parties and what’s not. I invite their friends, parents and we have fun together. I have learnt how to manage and plan a successful gathering of people? I list down, shop things, stock up my pantry and always ready for planning the get together .

7. Keeping patience

I have learnt to be calm and keeping patience. After tiring day If I see dirt, mess in the house, I keep calm. When I see their clothes, toys ,books , walls of the house are coloured by sketch pens, Immediately after cleaning house if it becomes dirty again ,My favourite crockery broken I keep calm and handle situation patiently. Motherhood has brought lots of patience in me.


Please don’t laugh!! But motherhood made me smart enough to  tackle any difficult situation. It has taught me to handle kids illness, injury in right way.       I look out for correct information and resources to educate my children. I take them out to play and learn various things. I go out well equipped 🙂 that’s very important because my kids may need anything at anytime while we are away from the house. They get hungry, thirsty, sleepy, cranky, bored, tired suddenly. So that’s why mother has to well prepared to face their tantrums. I carry snacks, water, candies, small toys, stickers, small blanket while going out.

Well isn’t it interesting list about my skills set as a mommy:-) .Getting all these skills is worth, as I get that cute little hug from my kids. I am sure other fellow mommies will also have same opinions as that of mine. Please let us know your motherhood changes in comments section.

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  1. What all we need to do as a mom.

  2. All mothers are smart aren’t they ? If it weren’t for them we’d have no challenges in our lives . Thank God for the babies. BTW do you have twins ?

  3. Getting ready in 5 mins is an important skill every mother develops and also eating in 5 mins! Convincing them of our point of view is one of our most difficult tasks

    Namratha from #firstgreenstep #MyFriendAlexa

  4. This is such a relatable article buddy and as I read it I feel all this is so true.

  5. lol it’s the fun post to read especially the part of hiding things.

  6. Hi Rupali , really children are the best teachers. They teach us to be more loving , caring , sharing , patient with their tantrums-doctor for their regular wellness etc. You have written about 8 Interesting skills taught by motherhood , which have ascended you to position of Super-Mom. Stay blessed. #MyFriendAlexa #SujatawdeReads

  7. Roopali first 5 minutes I was laughing, seriously all points are so true. In the middle of the way I see my feet and I am in slippers. Gosh many times I faced such things. Loved reading

  8. Hey Rupali, I can relate to many pointers to your list. 5 min is my thing too, would say we have become quickest person in the house..lol

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  9. Mommy are blessed with super power

  10. Moms ate born superwomen

  11. Every mother will relate to this one! Fab post! Some of the points are difficult to admit…lol…but I am guilty of sharpening exactly those skills. Thank you for writing this one. #MyFriendAlexa #MayuraReads

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